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SchoolArts magazine: November 2019

Theme: The Natural World

Art teachers use the natural world as a stimulus for big ideas and enduring questions. Students create watercolor paintings inspired by Alma Thomas, research and sculpt insects in clay, collect materials to weave into personalized reed nests, use photo-editing skills to generate mythical beasts, participate in an outdoor art workshop, and more.

Early Childhood
The Sensory Nature Of Fiber Arts by Giovonne Mary Calenda
The tactile joy of creating with fibers.

The Nature Of Alma Thomas by Polly Blair
Nature watercolor paintings inspired by Alma Thomas.

Be Calm & Hang On by Megan Giampietro
A yearlong unit celebrating sloths.

Exploring Bugs: Entomology As Art by Audrey Crosby
Researching and sculpting insects in clay.

Middle School
Weaving Nature Into the Art Room by Melody Weintraub
Personalized woven reed nests.

Painting the Aurora by Barbara J. Santora
Paintings inspired by the northern lights.

High School
Branch Weaving by Betsy Dijulio
A Personal passion and collaboration with nature.

Mighty Morphs by Craig Huffman And Matt Young
Generating fantastical beasts.

All Levels
En Plein Air: Planning An Outdoor Art Workshop by Gillian J. Furniss
Creating art while exploring the outdoors.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole And Robb Sandagata
Laura Wacha: Exaggeration and Absurdity

Gadget-Printed Face by Wendy Libby
Clay Planters by Leigh Drake
Circle Composition by Kristina Latraverse
Pastry Oil Painting by Frank Juarez

Advocacy: The Power Of Curiosity by Lonell Klina

Meeting Individual Needs: Dog Days by Karen Rosenburg

The Open Art Room: Is Disco The Cure For Artist’s Block? by Ian Sands

Managing The Artroom: Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt by Rama Hughes