Davis Digital

With Davis Digital, students and teachers can access their eBooks and Portfolios from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Work from the classroom, in a computer lab, or at home.

Features include: eBooks, Portfolios, Curriculum Builder, Fine Art Digital Images, and Student Accounts. Select a feature below to learn more.
The Davis eBooks include intuitive controls and the ability to zoom in on any image up to 300% to focus in on texture, techniques, and other details! View thumbnails of every page or search the books for any keyword, such as the name of an artist, theme, or a specific element or principle.
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Our easy-to-use, customizable Portfolios can be used to share student artwork with parents, community members, and colleagues; as a daily or weekly artroom blog; to showcase your professional accomplishments and personal artwork.
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Customize your curriculum and lessons with this easy-to-use Curriculum Builder. The Curriculum Builder allows you to create customized lessons with everything you need in one place.
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curriculum builder
Easily access digital fine art images to introduce or extend any lesson or concept. Choose from image sets correlated to each lesson or from our collection of more than 35,000 images.
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Davis Digital Art Images
Student Accounts are included with each Digital Class Set (available in sets of 30, 60, and 200). Each Student Account includes access to a Student eBook and Portfolio, and the ability to view Curriculum Builder classes created by their art teacher.
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