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SchoolArts magazine: Summer 2020

Theme: Choices

Art teachers take unique approaches to incorporate different levels of choice in their lessons. Students are given the freedom to choose a theme and create mixed-media self-portraits, envision and illustrate their inner positive and negative critics, collect found objects and arrange their own I Spy-inspired compositions, use tape to create murals that evoke a sense of community in a temporary space, and more.

Early Childhood
I Spy an Art Game by Sue Liedke
Scanned assemblages inspired by a classic game.

Drawing out Your Inner Critic by Rama Hughes
Illuminating inner criticism with illustration.

Calder’s Circus Redux by Jessica Brown
Whimsical structures inspired by Alexander Calder.

Middle School
Choice-Based Self-Portraits by Melody Weintraub
Celebrating the freedom of choice.

Motif Printmaking by Lisa Gilman
Choosing and block-printing a design.

High School
Contemporary Caryatids by Elizabeth Carpenter
A colossal approach to contemporizing history.

Amplifying Community by Melissa Purtee
Creating a student-centered community with tape.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole And Robb Sandagata
Amanda McCavour: Accumulate Presence

Managing the Art Room: The Media Fair by Ian Sands

Portraits from Nature by Carly Arechiga
Arranged Fruit Still Life by Leigh Drake
Fauve-Patterned Animals by Matt Mazur
Safer at Home by Frank Juarez

Advocacy: Artistry in the Sand by Leigh Drake

Point of View: Teaching for Artistic Behavior by Clyde Gaw