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SchoolArts magazine: March 2020

Theme: STEAM

Art teachers share their STEAM efforts through a variety of powerful interdisciplinary lessons. Students experiment with electroluminescent lights, collaborate with science students to engineer moving mechanical insects, use natural materials to create colorful inks, explore surface tension with paper marbling, and much more.

Early Childhood
Exploring Line With Light by Sue Liedke
Experimenting with electroluminescent lights.

Geometric Compositions by Paige Vitulli, Rebecca M. Giles, and Kelly O. Byrd
Integrating art and math.

Forced Perspective by Devon Inglee
Collaboratively photographing optical illusions.

Small Wonders by Leigh Drake
Engineering insects with art and science students.

Beads & Seeds by Patricia Sigala and Molly Parsons
A gridded design challenge.

Elementary/Middle School
Mathematical Marvels by Melanie Robinson and Kay Leeper
Kaleidoscopic tessellations.

Middle School
Collaborative Clay Constructions by Jim Dodson
A small-scale joint building project.

Magnificent Marbling by Donna Cariola
Exploring surface tension with paper marbling.

Stacked Assemblages by Janine Campbell
Collaborative clay totems.

High School
Critical (Th)inking by Kelsey Greenland
Using the scientific method to practice inquiry.

Text Art by Craig Huffman and Matt Young
Painting digitally with text.

Paint & Pixels by Kasmira Mohanty
Integrating drawing and painting with technology.

All Levels
Digital Classroom Management by Elizabeth Schauer
Developing step-by-step videos for instruction.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole And Robb Sandagata
Jannick Deslauriers: Delicacy and destruction

Musical Design by Wendy Libby
Symmetrical Monoprint by Caycie Herring
Drawing From Memory by Kristina Latraverse
Scratchboard Portraits by Frank Juarez

Advocacy: Imprints On The Snow by Lisa Gilman

Managing The Artroom: Ice Painting Is For Everyone by Nica Operchuck Rumion

The Open Art Room: Student-Directed Answers to 5 Frequently Asked Questions by Ian Sands

Meeting Individual Needs: Righteous Rain Barrels by Keriann Kirkeng