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SchoolArts magazine: January 2020

Theme: Empathy

Art teachers explore lessons that encourage the development of kindness and empathy. Students express the concept of home and shelter through painted umbrellas, practice mindfulness in a variety of lessons inspired by artists such as Nick Cave and Yayoi Kusama, sculpt clay luminaries for a positive cause, collaborate with a visiting artist to wheat-paste messages of love and positivity, and more.

Early Childhood
Sweet Hearts by Sue Liedke
Wheat-pasted messages of positivity.

Mindful Moments by Dana Joy Helwick
Promoting empathy in the elementary art room.

Habitat Umbrellas by Mayuka Thais
Visualizing the concept of home.

Middle School
The Power Of Vulnerability by Danielle McDonald
Exploring empathy through creativity.

Clay Cottages Of Hope by Melody Weintraub
Sculpting clay luminaries for a cause.

High School
Advocacy To Action by Joe Fusaro
Developing empathy through experience.

Sculpting Hunger Awareness by Eric Gibbons
Bringing awareness to a global issue.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole And Robb Sandagata
Kyungmin Park: Ceramic Narratives

Line Designs by Wendy Libby
Bow Still Life by Leigh Drake
Flexagon Patterning by Mikayla Wilson
Shape-Integrated Painting by Frank Juarez

The Open Art Room: Engagement Grading by Ian Sands

Meeting Individual Needs: Reaching For The Sun by David Anderson