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SchoolArts magazine: February 2019

Theme: Empathy

Art teachers use the engaging nature and visual language of the arts to foster compassion and empathy. Students combine photography with digital storytelling to narrate their experiences living in America, create mixed-media artworks to represent a cause or issue they are passionate about, design headdresses inspired by local bird species, and more.

Early Childhood
Engaging with Everyday Objects by Aileen Pugliese Castro
Using a simple object as a subject for printmaking.

Birds of a Feather by Tiffany Anderson and Amy Pfeiler-Wunder
Teaching empathy through nature.

The Art of Being a Military Child by Leigh Drake
Honoring those who serve through art.

Middle School
Senior Portraits by Amy Albert Bloom
Portraits that open a dialogue about aging.

Creating for a Cause by Sarah Kitchen
Creating mixed-media artworks to represent a cause.

High School
Who Is American Today? by Flávia Bastos and James Rees
Using digital storytelling to articulate tough topics.

Concrete Poetry by Cathy Tacci Beck
Speaking out on discrimination, bullying, and gender bias.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole and Robb Sandagata
Daniel Minter: Know Who You Are

Wall of Raindrops by Katherine Hickey
Got Robots? By Matt Mazur
Weavings to Go by Kristina Latraverse
Symbolic Circle Drawing by Frank Juarez

Advocacy: Making as Being by Carrie Nordlund

The Open Art Room: Building a Dynamic Art Program with Modular Teaching by Ian Sands

Managing the Art Room: There Will Always Be an Amanda by Rama Hughes

Point of View: An Exercise in Empathy by Nicole Romanski