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SchoolArts magazine: February 2020

Theme: Design

Art teachers explore creative ways to teach design thinking concepts in a variety of media. Students observe a sculpture at an art museum and get inspired to create imaginative oversized coin reliefs, design and develop functional fashion accessories, deconstruct the classic color wheel to create contemporary compositions, design coordinated logos and business cards for an original restaurant, and more.

Early Childhood
Cha-Ching: Large-Scale Currency by Sue Liedke
Imaginative oversized coin reliefs.

Celebrating Student Creativity by Trina Wicks-Patnaude
An ongoing school-wide collaboration.

Contemporary Color Wheels by Katie Wagner
A new way to explore the classic color wheel.

Middle School
Fabulous Accessories by Aaron Kuehne
Designing and developing fashion accessories.

Drawing In The Round by Annemarie Baldauf
Drawing on a cylindrical surface.

High School
Cooking Up A Design by Jude Saleet
Designing coordinated logos, business cards, and menus.

Exploring Contemporary Issues Through Poster by Design Leslie O’Shaughnessy
Visually expressing contemporary issues.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole And Robb Sandagata
Imagine (Sneha Shrestha): Sanskrit, Street Art, and Empowerment

Advocacy: School-Wide Art Advocacy by Samuel J. Ayers

Imaginary Animal by Cassandra Radulovic
Pop Hearts by Melanie Robinson
Wire Sculpture by Kori Klein
Postage Stamp Design by Frank Juarez

Point Of View: Three Generations Of Design Educators by Martin Rayala

The Open Art Room: Assessing Process by Melissa Purtee

Managing The Artroom: Design Thinking Mini-Challenges by Sara Wisnewski-Olson