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SchoolArts magazine: May 2019

Theme: Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental issues are highlighted through a variety of lessons that use recycled, upcycled, or renewed materials. Students compete in a fashion art competition and design clothing from sustainable materials; utilize recycled computer parts to build their very own robots; create Picasso-inspired cardboard relief sculptures; and more.

Early Childhood
Earthworks in Miniature by Sue Liedke
Playing around with proportion and scale.

Soda Birds by Rita Roberts
Upcycling an ordinary object.

Haring-Inspired Cassette Art by Michelle Melendez
Drawing on an unusual surface.

Middle School
Dismantled Robots by Melody Weintraub
Utilizing computer parts for robot prototypes.

Cardboard Guitars by Lucy Russo
Picasso-inspired cardboard relief sculptures.

High School
Flash Fashion by Kathleen Nicole D. Brisco
A recycled-fashion art competition.

Love & Consumption by Gwen Lauletta
Penciling portraits of favorite things.

All Levels
Taking on Textiles by Carrie Miller
Engaging students in the process of weaving.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole and Robb Sandagata
Veronica Fish: Contemporary Classics

Museum Musings: Moving Out of the Museum by Sharon Vatsky

Building Block Re-Fab by Sue Liedke
Positively Negative by Melanie Robinson
Painting with Paper by Kristina Latraverse
All Are Welcome by Frank Juarez

Managing the Art Room: The Power of Words by Ashley M. Gonzalez

Meeting Individual Needs: Through Their Eyes by Gillian J. Furniss

The Open Art Room: Wrapping Up the Year with a Minicollection by Melissa Purtee