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SchoolArts magazine: March 2019

Theme: Media Arts

Art teachers utilize digital technology and new media for learning and creating. Students develop humorous designs that combine two objects to create a new invention, explore the world of animation with thaumatropes and storyboards, embellish colorful collagraphed pizza slices to display at a local pizzeria, and more.

Early Childhood
Art Pizza Party by Sue Liedke
Collagraphed pizzas go on display.

Big Skies by Mary Bliss, Dona Sosa, and Gigi Yu
Looking to the sky for inspiration.

Animation Unplugged by Rama Hughes
Introductory concepts of animation.

The Daily Noodle Doodle by Katherine Mathes
Maximizing class time and student engagement.

Magic Carpets by Tricia Fuglestad
A trans digital art-making approach.

Middle School
The World of Fractals by Kevin Fogelson
Connecting math, science, and digital art.

Proofs & Spoofs by Melody Weintraub
Creating movie posters and trailers.

Design to a Tee by Michael Sacco
Students use their own photography in t-shirt designs.

High School
Frankenstein Design by Kasmira Mohanty
Developing innovators and innovation skills.

Beyond the Average Selfie by Jeanne Bjork
Digital self-portraits with a twist.

Fantasy Cities by Rachel Wintemberg
Taking drawing from lines to pixels.

All Levels
Teaching (New) Media Art by Pam Stephens
A guide to new media arts.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole and Robb Sandagata
Eric Wong: Utopian Visions

Rockets in Space by Matt Mazur
My Favorite Thing by Sara Schmickle Kirker
Clay Masks by Annemarie Baldauf
Denim Drawing by Frank Juarez

The Open Art Room: The Rule of Three by Melissa Purtee

Managing the Art Room: The Open Press Project by Christopher Sweeney

Advocacy: The Fifth Arts Discipline by Martin Rayala