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SchoolArts magazine: December 2019

Theme: Structure

Art teachers provide lessons for students to build and construct with loose parts and three-dimensional materials. Students create mixed-media STEAM-based treehouses, build 3D mod pod houses from paper, study an outdoor sculpture and create pyramid assemblages, sculpt clay homes inspired by historical American architecture, and more.

Early Childhood
Thinking Like An Architect by Kim Skwira, Karin Hyatt, and Michelle Ridlen
Steam-based treehouses.

Busy Cities by Barbara Hildebrandt
Constructing colorful layered city scenes.

Mod Pods by Nancy Walkup
Building with modular paper structures.

Middle School
Pyramid Assemblages by Mari Atkinson
Designing and assembling three-dimensional forms.

Crystal Fractal Installations by Eric Gibbons
An outdoor collaborative mathematical structure.

High School
Planar Constructions by Jude Saleet
Exploring planes and movement with paper and clay.

American History Through Architecture by Barbara Bergstrom
Slab-constructed homes inspired by history.

Looking & Learning by Karl Cole And Robb Sandagata
Michelle Kingdom: Embroidered Narratives

Primary Color Prints by Wendy Libby
Patterned Wall Hangings by Vanessa Mora
Abstract Stained Glass by Kari Giordano
Personalized Radial Designs by Frank Juarez

Advocacy: The Visual Art Scholastic Event by Mel Basham and Sara Chapman

Advocacy: Tile-A-Mile by Jeanne Bjork

The Open Art Room: Classroom Setup To Support Learning by Melissa Purtee