Discovering Drawing, 3rd ed.

Discovering Drawing, Student Book, 3rd ed. Zoom
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Discovering Drawing, Student Book, 3rd ed.
Sallye Mahan-Cox

With an emphasis on both technique and creativity, the Discovering Drawing curriculum highlights the importance of discipline and self-expression in the essential skill of drawing. Students explore both realistic and expressive drawing techniques through stimulating hands-on studio opportunities.

Student Book Features:
  • Stunning fine art examples from historical and contemporary artists
  • Video and technical images to clarify processes and guide students toward mastery
  • Writing prompts and captivating career profiles
  • Exemplary studios with step-by-step instruction
  • Low-tech to high-tech processes that can be adapted to your teaching environment and student interests
  • Portfolio development as well as critical technical and aesthetic inquiry opportunities
  • A wealth of art history and alternative approaches that expand student knowledge of our visual world
  • An in-depth Student Handbook with essential information on techniques and processes

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