Discovering Drawing, 3rd ed.

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This eBook Class Set includes a 6-year license and 30 students accounts. Other eBook Class Set options include 2-, 4-, and 8-year licenses, and student accounts in groups of 60 and 200. For pricing on other options, please call 800-533-2847 or email

Discovering Drawing, eBook Class Set
Sallye Mahan-Cox

With an emphasis on both technique and creativity, Discovering Drawing highlights the importance of discipline and self-expression in the essential skill of drawing. Students explore both realistic and expressive drawing techniques through stimulating hands-on studio opportunities.

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  • eBooks (Student Book and Teacher Edition) to access program content anywhere with an internet connection, perfect for traditional, online, or hybrid classroom environments! View the highest quality close ups of each fine art image, search by any keyword, and share lessons with parents or your principal and supervisor.
  • 30 Student Accounts to access student eBooks, portfolios and fine art images
  • Portfolios to share artwork, information and events with parents, community members, and colleagues
  • Curriculum Builder to customize your curriculum with content from the eBooks, videos, images, and your own lessons
  • Davis Art Images to extend any concept or lesson. Search our comprehensive library of more than 20,000 images, create instant slide shows and compare and contrast any two images.
  • Videos to engage students with topics such as ideation and contemporary art.
  • Teacher Resources that include customizable support for topics such as assessment and careers in art.
  • One-year print subscription to SchoolArts magazine with access to the digital edition for the length of your license.
  • A six-year license