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Envisioning Writing: Integrating Drawing and Writing Zoom
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Envisioning Writing: Integrating Drawing and Writing

Language Arts teachers and Visual Arts teachers alike will find inspiration in this new edition of the highly successful resource for using the power of visual narrative to support all types of learners.

You will:
  • Learn to recognize and value the unique strengths and challenges of the visual learner
  • Build your practice with a variety of teaching strategies and activities appropriate for language arts, visual arts, and special education classrooms
  • Gain new understanding of the educational culture, both historical and present day, that puts visual learners at a disadvantage

New to this edition: working with Middle School and High School students

Table of Contents:
Introduction to the Problem: Visual or Verbal Learner?
Part One
Toward a New Methodology: Envisioning Writing and Educational Practice
Ch. 1 The Art Education Program
Ch. 2 The Language Arts Program
Ch. 3 The Special Education Program
Ch. 4 Post-Elementary Programs: Middle School and High School
Part Two
Theoretical Implications for Visual and Verbal Learners
Ch. 5 Historical Precedents for Writing Instruction Using Visual and Verbal Expression
Ch. 6 Current Educational Practices that Affect Visual and Verbal Learners

“Olson has produced an excellent, research-based book that is both informative and practical, as a resource for improving instruction. Those of us who focus on language and literacy education, in particular, are reminded of the power of visual learning as a tool in itself and as a key support for other modes of learning.”

Dorothy S. Strickland, Ph.D.
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Professor of Education Emerita
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

The following example is student writing from the Characters section of Ch. 2: The Language Arts Program. Notice how the character development changes when the visual mode of learning is included as a complement to the verbal mode.

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Envisioning Writing