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The Great Clay Adventure: Creative Handbuilding Projects for Young Artists Zoom
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The Great Clay Adventure: Creative Handbuilding Projects for Young Artists
Ellen Kong

This handbook offers elementary teachers a rich clay curriculum that includes objectives, interdisciplinary links, enrichment tips, and evaluation criteria. Starting with the basic methods of pinch, coil, and slab building, children will learn the skills and concepts necessary for a solid foundation of experience with clay. t 134 pp., 100 ill., 70 c.

Table of Contents:
Part One: First Forays into Clay
1. Fundamentals
2. First Steps
3. Applying the Fundamentals
4. Adding on New Experiences
Part Two: Pinch and Coil Combinations
5. A Pinch Pot and Coil Combination
6. Advanced Creatures
7. Animals at Work
8. The Watering Hole
9. Egg-Form Creations
Part Three: Slab Building
10. Basic Handbuilding Techniques and Glazes
11. An Interdisciplinary Unit
12. An Easy Slab-Building Lesson for Beginners
13. A Paper and Clay Collaborative Project
14. An individual or Group Project
15. Exploring Pottery Forms and Surface Designs
16. Facial Expressions
17. Cone-shaped Creations
18. A Slab and Coil Combined Critter
19. A Clay Project with a Statement
Part Four: Clay and Printmaking
20. Printmaking through Clay
21. Clay and Printmaking
22. Relief Block Printing
Part Five: Sound in Clay
23. Melodic Rings and Musical Pinch Pots
24. The Sounding Creations
Part Six: Large Group Projects
25. Neptune Charges Forth
26. Serving up the Masters