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Collaborative Tape Art & DRAW KIT Combo Zoom
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ISBN: 978-16416-4054-1
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Collaborative Tape Art & DRAW KIT Combo

This package includes all the material you need to get your classroom drawing collaboratively. Discover the fun and engaging process of the PiktoTape™ Method and build your students’ confidence with a uniquely inclusive experience of working together to create artwork that explores image-making at its most epic.

The combo package is designed for classes of up to 25 students and includes the Collaborative Tape Art book and 30 rolls of tape*:

  • Eight ½-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls BLUE
  • Eight ½-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls GREEN
  • Six 1-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls BLUE
  • Six 1-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls GREEN
  • One 2-inch PiktoTape™ Roll BLUE
  • One 2-inch PiktoTape™ Roll GREEN

* Each roll contains 100' (30.5m) of PiktoTape™.