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Collaborative Tape Art & DRAW KIT Combo Zoom
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ISBN: 978-16416-4054-1
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Collaborative Tape Art & DRAW KIT Combo

This package includes all the material you need to get your classroom drawing collaboratively. Discover the fun and engaging process of the PiktoTape Method and build your students’ confidence with a uniquely inclusive experience of working together to create artwork that explores image-making at its most epic. The combo package is designed for classes of up to 25 students and includes:

The Collaborative Tape Art book
30 rolls of PiktoTape
  - eight ½-inch PiktoTape Rolls BLUE
  - eight ½-inch PiktoTape Rolls GREEN
  - six 1-inch PiktoTape Rolls BLUE
  - six 1-inch PiktoTape Rolls GREEN
  - one 2-inch PiktoTape Roll BLUE
  - one 2-inch PiktoTape Roll GREEN

Grades K–12