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Collaborative Tape Art: The PiktoTape Method Zoom
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Collaborative Tape Art: The PiktoTape Method
Michael Townsend and Leah Smith

Discover the fun and engaging process of drawing together with tape. Rooted in the power of collaboration, the PiktoTape™ Method (developed by the street artists of the Tape Art Crew) motivates students to develop innovative solutions to design challenges. Build confidence and create new and uniquely inclusive ways for your class to work together creating artwork that explores image-making at its most epic.

This book not only covers the “How To” of Tape Art but also an extensive list of detailed frequently asked questions. In these pages, you’ll find answers to:

  1. How do we decide what to draw as a group?
  2. How do we make our drawings come together?
  3. How big can the drawings be?
  4. Where can we draw?
  5. How to draw specific items
  6. Is this art?

AND SO MUCH MORE! 98 pages, softcover