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PiktoTape DRAW KIT Zoom
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ISBN: 978-16416-4052-7
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PiktoTape DRAW KIT

The PiktoTape™ DRAW KIT is designed for workshops of up to 25 participants. With 30 rolls of tape in three widths, you will get your classroom making murals together in no time.

The DRAW KIT includes the following*:

  • Eight ½-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls BLUE
  • Eight ½-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls GREEN
  • Six 1-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls BLUE
  • Six 1-inch PiktoTape™ Rolls GREEN
  • One 2-inch PiktoTape™ Roll BLUE
  • One 2-inch PiktoTape™ Roll GREEN

* Each roll contains 100' (30.5m) of PiktoTape™.