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This eBook Class Set includes a 6-year license and 30 students accounts. Other eBook Class Set options include 2-, 4-, and 8-year licenses, and student accounts in groups of 60 and 200. For pricing on other options, please call 800-533-2847 or email ContactUs@DavisArt.com.

Experience Art, eBook Class Set with 30 Student Books (print version)
Marilyn G. Stewart

Developed to address the ever-changing needs of increasingly diverse student populations, Experience Art provides students with meaningful artmaking experiences that underscore the relevance of art in their lives and reveal the important role it plays in cultures around the world. Experience Art is designed specifically to engage middle school learners at a personal, community, and global level through thought-provoking themes and inquiry-based learning.

eBook Class Set purchase includes:

  • eBooks (Student Book and Teacher Edition) to access program content anywhere with an internet connection, perfect for traditional, online, or hybrid classroom environments!
  • 30 Student Books and 1 Teacher Edition (print version)
  • 30 Student Accounts to access student eBooks, portfolios and fine art images
  • Portfolios to share artwork, information and events with parents, community members, and colleagues
  • Lessons planning and presentation tools to customize your curriculum with content from the eBooks, videos, images, and your own sources.
  • Davis Art Images to extend any concept or lesson. Search our comprehensive library of more than 20,000 images, create instant slide shows, and compare and contrast any two images.
  • Teacher Resources that include customizable support for topics such as assessment and careers in art.
  • One-year print subscription to SchoolArts magazine with access to the digital edition for the length of your license.
  • A six-year license

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