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Experience Art, Student Edition
Marilyn G. Stewart

Experience Art engages students in explorations of art, design, and visual culture. The Student Book offers eight units of study grounded in Essential Questions and organized around art’s connection to Big Ideas such as Messages and Identity. As students investigate materials and processes, they develop a sense of themselves as serious artists. As they respond to others’ artworks, they make meaningful connections across the curriculum.

Student Book Features

  • 18 lessons per unit based on themes that matter to students
  • 64 studio experiences designed to promote artistic behaviors and thinking
  • Culturally diverse fine art and artists
  • Career Profiles that illustrate the many art careers available
  • Art Criticism to hone students’ skills in analyzing and encourage response and presentation
  • Process journal activities to promote investigation and reflection
  • A Student Handbook for reference and review of basic skills, techniques, and concepts

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