Focus on Photography, 2nd ed.

Focus on Photography, Student Book, 2nd ed. Zoom
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Focus on Photography, Student Book, 2nd ed.
Hermon Joyner and Kathleen Monaghan

The Focus on Photography curriculum provides students with techniques, skills, and tools for success in creating both commercial and fine art photographs. An essential resource for photographic concepts and processes—both digital and film—the second edition contains a wealth of vibrant images to inspire students and engaging studios to challenge them.

Student Book Features
  • Brilliant fine art and commercial images that illustrate the history of photography, from its birth to the latest digital advances
  • Writing prompts and captivating career profiles
  • Exemplary studios with step-by-step instruction
  • Outstanding student artwork
  • Low-tech to high-tech processes that can be adapted to your teaching environment and student interests
  • Portfolio development as well as critical technical and aesthetic inquiry opportunities
  • A wealth of art history and alternative approaches that expand student knowledge of our visual world

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