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Through the Cracks (Hardcover)
Carolyn Sollman

Welcome to a wonderful experience. Through the Cracks is a book that uses both written and visual language to address one of the major social issues of our society—the failure of formal organizations such as family, schools and churches to nurture and foster the growth and self-esteem of all of our children. When children’s needs are not met they mentally and emotionally withdraw thus failing to mature into productive adults. This book illustrates that by working together various organizations within a society can change the lives of all.

Through the eyes of the two lost children in the book, a person is able to see and sense the children’s frustration and later, their exhilaration for learning. In an age where cutbacks are common in schools, often the arts curricular offerings are reduced or eliminated. Through the Cracks demonstrates the need for children to experience learning through an integrated approach using more than one medium for communication.

—Shirley F. Smalley, Superintendent of Schools, Marion, Indiana

56 pages, hardcover