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Therapeutic Approaches in Art Education DIGITAL

Working with students who have experienced adversity and trauma can be challenging. Therapeutic Approaches in Art Education is a practical guide for those who wish to support therapeutic art making in their practice. Discover trauma-informed approaches that can be applied to a typical classroom setting—urban, rural, or suburban—and address marginalized populations. While you will not become an art therapist, this book will help you gain a better understanding of art therapy and how to support your students in thoughtful, holistic ways. 186 pages

Table of Contents:
  1. Spectrum of Trauma
  2. Demands, Challenges, and Rewards of Urban Art Education
  3. Trauma-Informed Approaches: Characteristics, Principles, Models
  4. Foundations and Intersections of Art Therapy and Art Education
  5. Curricular Framework
  6. Art Experiences PLAYbook
  7. Taking Care of Others and Ourselves: What Art Teachers can do