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Race and Art Education Zoom
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Race and Art Education
Amelia M. Kraehe & Joni B. Acuff

There is sparse literature that supports teachers in developing the kind of knowledge and sensitivities about race needed for today’s art classrooms. This Art Education in Practice title addresses the topic of race in an accessible style and with a focus on classroom practice. This book aims to provide a well-informed introduction to essential concepts, vocabularies, strategies, and methods for engaging race and racialized human differences in a constructive, equity-oriented manner. Kraehe and Acuff carefully explore topics including how race and racism enter classrooms, and concepts like unconscious bias and microaggression. 212 pages, softcover

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding Race and Racism in Art Education: A Journey
  2. Race: It’s Not so Black and White
  3. Seeing Is Believing: Racism through Technologies of Looking
  4. Growing Up in Racialized Worlds: Race and Racism in Students’ Lives
  5. Awakening an Abolitionist Mindset in the Art Classroom
  6. Anti-Racist Art Pedagogy: Activating Racial Literacy with Students