Experience Art

Experience Art, Teacher Edition Zoom
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ISBN: 978-16416-4156-2
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Experience Art, Teacher Edition
Marilyn G. Stewart

Provide inclusive opportunities for students to engage meaningfully with art. The wraparound Teacher Edition provides the ongoing support needed to stimulate and inspire middle-school students. Enjoy a wealth of teaching support available at point-of-use and a consistent lesson structure—Prepare, Teach through Inquiry, Assess, Close—designed to help immerse students in the content.

Teacher Edition Features

  • Suggested pacing.
  • Strategies for using text and images effectively.
  • Inquiry-based activities and Studio Experiences.
  • Additional information about the art and artists.
  • Supports for differentiating instruction.
  • Interdisciplinary connections to link what students are learning to other subject areas.
  • Choice Center options to provide student-directed experiences and extend learning.
  • Designed for Fast, Easy Preparation and Focused Teaching

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