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August/September 2005–May/June 2006

Glossary of Department Titles

AEO: ArtEd Online
CC: ClipCards
EC: Editor’s Comments
GC: GalleryCards
LL: Looking/Learning
MM: Museum Musings
MIN: Meeting Individual Needs
STSG: Student-Teacher Survival Guide

Art at the Astrodome. (POV) Nov., p. 6
Pinwheels for Peace. Sept., p. 34
Running Down the Road. Dec., p. 40
The Memory Project. Dec., p. 26

Art Criticism and Appreciation
Art Puzzles: What Is Art? M/J., p. 34
Interview: Jim McNeill. Jan., p. 26
Maximizing Museum Visits (Part 1). Jan., p. 11
Maximizing Museum Visits (Part 2). Feb., p. 10
Picasso’s of the Animal World. Apr., p. 36
Small Art Images—Big Art Learning. Sept., p. 3
To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo? (POV) M/J., p. 6
Welcome to the Art Institute of Chicago. Apr., p. 54

Art History/Fine Art
Alexander Calder, Streetcar (GC). Nov., p. 41
American Gothic, Grant Wood (LL). Oct., p. 35
André Masson, Exquisite Corpse, March 18, 1927 (GC). Jan., p. 45
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat. (LL) Nov., p. 31
Bernardo Martorell, Saint George
Killing the Dragon (GC). Mar., p. 31
Buddha of Nagapattinam (LL). Jan., p. 41
Claude Monet, Stacks of Wheat (End of Day, Autumn), Stacks of Wheat (Sunset, Snow Effect), Stack of Wheat, Stack of Wheat (Thaw, Sunset) (GC) Apr., p. 43
Daniel Chester French, Abraham Lincoln (GC). Nov., p. 41
Doris Lee, Thanksgiving (GC). Feb., p. 45
Eastman Johnson, Husking Bee, Island of Nantucket (GC). Dec., p. 41
Edward Hopper, Nighthawks (LL). Mar., p. 27
Egyptian, Mummy Portrait (GC). Sept., p. 41
Egyptian, Mummy Case of Paankhenamun. (GC). Jan., p. 45
El Greco, The Assumption of the Virgin (GC). Jan., p. 45
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) (GC). Jan., p. 45
Flowering Cherry with Poem Slips (LL). Feb., p. 41
Frank Memkus, Whirligig entitled America. (GC). Feb., p. 45
Gustave Caillebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day (GC). Mar., p. 31
India, Dancing Ganesha (GC). Mar., p. 31
Jacob Lawrence, The Wedding (GC). Feb., p. 45
Japan Karaori (Nô costume) (GC). M/J., p. 41
Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Lighted Owl) (GC). Oct., p. 39
Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Apr., p. 39
Kerry James Marshall, Many Mansions (LL). Dec., p. 31
Lorna Simpson, Suit (GC). Sept., p. 41
Male Figure (Nkisi Nkondi) (GC). M/J., p. 41
Mali, Pair of Headdresses (GC). Dec., p. 41
Mask (Mukenga) (GC). Sept., p. 41
Max Beckmann, Self-Portrait. Sept., p. 41
Nayarit Culture, Pole Dance Scene (GC). Dec., p. 41
Nigeria, Mask for Gelede (Igi) (GC). Feb., p. 45
Randolph Rogers, Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii (GC). Mar., p. 31
Shiva as Lord of the Dance (GC). M/J., p. 41
Southern Plains, Comanche Chasing the Buffalo (GC). Oct., p. 39
Storyteller Figure, Mexico. M/J., p. 37
Strips, Gearldine Westbrook (GC). M/J., p. 41
Stuart Davis, Ready-to-Wear (GC). Nov., p. 41
The Bedroom, Vincent van Gogh (LL). Sept., p. 37
Walter W. Ellison, Train Station (GC). Nov., p. 41
Winslow Homer, The Herring Nest (GC). Oct., p. 39
Zhu Yu (Junbi), Chinese, Street Scenes in Times of Peace (GC). Dec., p. 41

Architectural Relief (CC). M/J., p. 13
Connecting to Curious George. Mar., p. 37
Dinosaur Fossil Tiles (CC). M/J., p. 13
Exceeding the Challenge in Ceramics. Sept., p. 67
Getting Artsy with the Alphabet. Dec., p. 25
Polar Bear, Polar Bear (CC). Feb., p. 11
Mapping the Face. Apr., p. 21
Natural Beauty. Apr., p. 52
The Science of Clay. Nov., p. 28
To Make a Storypot. Mar., p. 34

Collage/Cut Paper
Amazing Altered Books. Mar., p. 38
Corduroy (CC). Jan., p. 9
Interdisciplinary Pieces (CC). M/J., p. 13
Movable Mannequin Murals. Dec., p. 19
Play with Pop-ups! Mar., p. 40
Positive Negative Paper (CC). Nov., p. 7
Sculptural Paper Paintings (CC). Feb., p. 11
Shoofly Quilt. Feb., p. 40
Torn Paper Self-Portrait (CC). Sept., p. 13

Contemporary Art
Art:21, Artists Speak: Laylah Ali. Sept., p. 22; Susan Rothenberg. Oct., p. 18; Hiroshi Sugimoto. Nov., p. 14; Arturo Herrera. Dec., p. 10; Jessica Stockholder. Jan., p. 16; Oliver Herring. Feb., p. 14; Ellen Gallagher. Mar., p. 14; Krzysztof Wodiczko. Apr., p. 20; Cai Guo-Qiang. M/J., p. 16
Tapping in to Tapped Out. Oct., p. 24

Connecting Craft to the Classroom. M/J., p. 43
Legitimate Fidgeting. Feb., p. 38

About the Pencil. Jan., p. 36
Abstract Cities. Dec., p. 41
Animal Personifications (CC). Nov. p. 7
Community (CC). Dec., p. 7
Drawing Ready-Made Still Lifes. Apr., p. 34
Express Yourself. Sept., p. 44
Fantasy Chessboard (CC). Sept., p. 13
Fantasy Landscapes. Oct., p. 46
Industrial Revolution (CC). Oct., p. 11
Kindergartners Love Dinosaurs. Nov., p. 40
Klimt Gets Personal. Sept., p. 28
Mondrian Makeover (CC). Feb., p. 11
Pint-Sized Portraits. Sept., p. 47
Ride West. Mar., p. 33
Seurat-the-Dots. Nov., p. 43
Striking Poses: The Figure in Motion. Sept., p. 49
Who Am I? (CC) Sept., p. 13

Art Cars on Parade. Apr., p. 56
The Nomadic Museum (MM). Oct., p. 10

Environment and Nature
Art and Ecology (EC). Oct., p. 4
Art, Water, and the Environment. Oct. p. 45
Cascading Waterfalls in the Classroom (MM). Apr., p. 12
Earth Day Celebration for All. Apr., p. 50
Ecological Fragments (CC). Dec., p. 7
Natural Habitats (CC). Nov., p. 7
Reimaging Art & Ecology. Oct., p. 33
The Movement of Water. Apr., p. 32
The Natural Environment (EC). Apr., p. 4
Trash to Treasure. Oct., p. 49

Group Projects
All Together Now. Dec., p. 35
Community Art Projects (EC). Dec., p. 4
Community Bridge. Dec., p. 22
Curiosity, Connections, and Living Paintings. (EC) Nov., p. 4
Flags of Diversity (CC). Feb., p. 11
Group Portrait Mural (CC). Sept., p. 13
Identity, Magic, and Meaning (EC) Sept., p. 4
Shadow Puppets on a Techno-Stage. Mar., p. 42

Interdisciplinary Connections
Buzzing Bugs and Creepy Crawlies. Nov., p. 37
Klimt Gets Personal. Sept., p. 28
Reading, Writing, and Relief. Nov., p. 26
Reflective Identity. Sept., p. 25
What’s the Story? (EC) Mar., p. 4

A Sample of Virtual Museums (AEO). Dec., p. 28
Art and Ecology: Online Resources (AEO). Oct., p. 34
Art as Celebration (AEO). Feb., p. 26
Artopia (AEO). Nov., p. 30.
Cabinets of Curiosity. Mar., p. 36
Copyright Sites (AEO) Apr., 38
Digital Diversity. M/J., p. 31
Digital Storytelling in the Classroom (AEO). Mar., p. 26
Identity in the Classroom (AEO). Sept., p. 36
Online Curriculum Tools for Teachers (AEO). Jan., p. 40
Promoting Respect for Diversity (AEO). M/J., p. 36

Mixed Media
Artist-Inspired Portraits. Sept., p. 30
Celebrate with the Masters (CC). Dec., p. 7
Clowning Around (CC). Nov., p. 7
Feathered Friends (CC). Jan., p. 9
Happy Mistakes (CC). Oct., p. 11
Magnificent Mummies. Jan., p. 51
Martian Landscapes (CC). Oct., p. 11
Monet’s Water Lilies. Apr., p. 48
New Year’s Numbers. Jan., p. 34
Rainforest Reptiles and Amphibians. Apr., p. 30
Ride ‘em Cowboy (CC). Jan., p. 9
Surrealism Meets Op. Jan., p. 54
Six Degrees of Visual Separation. Jan., p. 47
The Hidden Image Within (CC). M/J., p. 13
Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes (CC). Jan., p. 9
Weaving Together (CC). Oct., p. 11

Multicultural and Global Connections
African Influence. Feb., p. 25
Carnival Capes. Feb., p. 24
Celebrate Carnaval. Feb., p. 21
Celebrating Diwali. M/J., p. 46
Crossing Cultures with Cubism. M/J., p. 21
Cultural Diversity in AP Art History. M/J., p. 35
Cultural Identity Cubed. Jan., p. 28
Día de los Muertos. Oct., p. 41
Diversity in Action (EC). M/J., p.4
Feeding the Soul. M/J., p. 28
Japanese Folding Screens. Dec., p. 7
Magical Chinese Dragons. M/J., p. 32
Mexico, Mayan Culture, Stela (GC). Oct., p. 39
Talking Kente Cloth. Feb., p. 34
Valuing Cultural Heritages. M/J., p. 30

At the HeART of Abstraction. Feb., p. 36
Bringing Art to Life through Living Paintings. Nov., p. 46
Reflective Still Life (CC). Mar., p. 11
Students Bring O’Keeffe into the
Community. Dec., p. 38
The Color of Joy (CC). Mar., p. 11

Paper Marbling. M/J., p. 44

Celebration. Feb., p. 13
Community. Dec., p. 7
Connections. Nov., p. 50
Diversity. M/J., p. 12
Narrative. Mar., p. 10
Student Portfolio. Sept., p. 12
Unlikely Materials. Oct., p. 64

Leaf It! Apr., p. 45
Lines in Relief. M/J., p. 26
Symbolic Printmaking (CC). Mar., p. 11

Got Sheetrock? Oct., p. 30
Sheetrock, Elementary Style. Oct., p. 32

Sculpture, Assemblage, and 3-D Design
Bowling Pin Pals. Oct., p. 44
Boxed and Ready to Go. Mar., p. 24
Cone-heads. Oct., p. 28
Fantastic Footwear. Oct., p. 26
Gone with the Wind Socks. Jan., p. 38
It’s Greek to Me. Nov., p. 24
Merry Marionettes. Mar., p. 21
Mouse Paint Comes Alive! (CC). Mar., p. 11
Rituals of the Morning. Jan., p. 30
Sculpting Fanciful Figures. Sept., p. 32
Terrific Textures. Jan., p. 23
The Lwa of My Life. Oct., p. 21

Special Needs
Art & Music (MIN). Dec., p. 15
Blindfold Fish (MIN). M/J., p. 10
Feeling Art: Teaching Art to the
Visually Impaired (MIN). Apr., p. 17
Jack’s Story (MIN). Jan., p. 14

Teaching Theory and Practice
Art Teacher as Collector. Jan., p. 52
Creatively Incorporating Standards in the Artroom. Apr., p. 9
Developing a Broader Base of Knowledge (STSG). Feb., p. 8
Classroom Discipline (STSG). Dec., p. 13
Classroom Management (STSG). Jan., p. 12
Celebrations Public and Private (EC). Feb., p. 4
First Meetings and Other Reasons for Art Teachers to Travel (POV). Sept., p. 8
Leave No Arts Behind. Sept., p. 51
Lesson Plan Writing. (STSG) Nov., p. 12
Making Connections through the Lens of the Blue Man Group. Nov., p. 21
Making Sense of Their World (POV). Sept., p. 10
Making the Most of Your Lessons. Jan., p. 35
Motivating Students to Write About Art. Nov., p. 44
National Board Certification Survivor. Jan., p. 32
Public Education in the Crosshairs. (POV) Nov., p. 9
SchoolArts Survey Results. Sept., p. 51
Student-Parent-Teacher Conferencces (STSG). Mar., p. 8
The Art of Being Highly Qualified (POV). Jan., p. 8
The Cooperating Teacher (STSG). Sept., p. 16
The Interview (STSG). M/J., p. 8
The University Supervisor (STSG). Oct., p. 8
Thinking About the Blue Men. Nov., p. 42
Transformations (EC). Jan., p. 4
Using the National Standards. Oct., p. 48
Using Videos to Spark Art Learning. Apr., p. 55
Why Join an Art Education Organization? (Part 1). Jan., p. 50
Why Join an Art Education Organization (Part 2). Feb., p. 33
Writing a Winning Résumé. Apr., p. 14
You Know You Have a Rockin’ Artroom When . . . Apr., p. 37

Anderson, Debra. M/J., p. 43
Anderson, Heather. Apr., p. 12
Anderson, Mark Alan. Dec., p. 19
Arkenberg, Rebecca. Oct., p. 10; Jan., p. 11; Feb., p. 10
Austen, Judith. Feb., p. 38
Ayers, Ann. Sept., p. 34
Bean, Kathy. Oct., p. 41
Berdit, Nancy. Feb., p. 36
Berquist, B.J. Jan., p. 28
Berman, Michele Heide. Oct., p. 44
Black, Laurie. M/J., p. 26
Blake, Judith. Apr., p. 45
Bolte, Frances. M/J., p. 35
Bowden, Jennifer. Jan., p. 54
Brisco, Nicole. Sept., p. 25; Nov., p. 7; Jan., p. 9, 30; Feb., p. 11; Mar., p. 11; Apr., p. 7, 34; M/J., p. 13
Brooks, Rebecca. Mar., p. 11
Burgher, Elijah. Oct., p. 35, 39; M/J., p. 41
Chapman, Laura. Nov., p. 9
Clarke-Grouss Cindy. M/J., p. 37, 41
Colbert, Cynthia. Mar., p. 11
Coy, Mary. Sept., p. 67; Oct., p. 11, 28; Nov., p. 7, 37; Dec., p. 7, 38; Jan., p. 9, 23: Feb., p. 11; Mar., p. 11, 21; Apr., p. 7, 52; M/J., p. 13, 31
Crawford, Carol. Oct., p. 49
Densel, Shari. Dec., p. 35
Donnay, Victor. Nov., p. 43
Ellyn, Tracy. Sept., p. 13, 49; Oct., p. 21; Nov., p. 7; Dec., p. 7; Feb., p. 11; M/J., p. 13
Emeloff, Teresa. Sept., p. 2
Fontes, Kris. Mar., p. 36
Gainer, Ruth Straus. Dec., p. 25
Galloway, Gail. Nov., p. 26
Gepson, Suzanne. Oct., p. 39; Apr., p. 39
Goldman, Peggy. Mar., p. 11
Gomez, Aurelia. Feb., p. 21, 24
Green, Gaye Leigh. Apr., p. 36
Hersher, Erin. Nov., p. 31; Apr., p. 43
Hindshaw, Craig. Jan., p. 9; Mar., p. 37; M/J., p. 28
Horton, Densie. M/J., p. 30
Hughes, Alison. Sept., p. 41; Dec., p. 31, 41
Kanevski, Tara. Dec., p. 41; Jan., p. 51
Kindseth, Anne. Sept., p. 37, 41; Mar., p. 31
Kippley, Deborah Bowers. Jan., p. 32
Kirker, Schmickie Sara. Jan., p. 38; M/J., p. 32
Krug, Don. Oct., p. 33
Lewis, Kate Ewell. Dec., p. 41; Jan., p. 46
Lewis, Lillian. Dec., p. 40
Lincoln, Kim. Oct., p. 24
Lott, Debra. Sept., p. 44; M/J., p. 21
Main, Marisa. Apr., p. 17; M/J., p. 10
Marable-Bunch, Maria. Feb., p. 31; Apr., p. 54
Maroni, MIchelle. Apr., p. 48
Martin, Rebecca. Jan., p. 34; Mar., p. 33
Markello, Carrie. Oct., p. 41; Apr., p. 56
McLean, Nancy. Apr., p. 32
McMillan, Ellen. Sept., p. 34
Mitchell, Jessica. M/J., p. 44
Moralde, Jocelyn. Feb., p. 27, 31
Nelken, Miranda. Mar., p. 34
New, Robin. Nov., p. 44
Okrent, Inez. Nov., p. 26
Olsen, Susanna. Apr., p. 30
Omenson, Rachelle. Nov., p. 6
Passmore, Kaye. Oct., p. 48; Jan., p. 50; Feb., p. 33
Payne, Janet. Sept., p. 8
Phelps, Lydia. M/J., p. 30
Reist, Kay. Mar., p. 24
Rohrer, Ken. Sept., p. 48; Apr., p. 9
Roland, Craig. Sept., p. 36; Oct., p. 34; Nov., p. 30; Dec., p. 28; Jan., p. 40; Feb., p. 26; Mar., p. 26; Apr., p. 38; M/J., p. 36
Sautman, Anne. Nov., p. 35; Jan., p. 41
Savage, Martha. Sept., p. 10
Schumaker, Ben. Dec., p. 26
Sheehan, Diane. Oct., p. 30
Sherwyn, Art. Jan., p. 35
Smola, Maggie. M/J., p. 30
Stephens, Pam. Sept., p. 13, 16, 43; Oct., p.8, 11, 24, 45; Nov., 12, 21, 42; Dec., p. 13, 22; Jan., p. 12, 26; Feb., p. 8; Mar., p. 8; Apr., p. 14, 55; M/J., p. 8, 34
Stevens, Carrie. Feb., p. 40
Stevens, Lori. Apr., p. 37
Stevens, Sue. Jan., p. 36
Stillwagon, Joanne. Nov., p. 46
Stienecker, Dawn. Apr., p. 56
Stollon, Marcy. Nov., p. 40
Stone, Julie. Apr., p. 50
Sullivan, Kevin. Jan., p. 8; Mar., p. 42
Swayze, Rebecca. Mar., p. 27, 31
Thompson, James. Mar., p. 40
Verdier, Melissa. Sept., p. 28
Vieth, Ken. Nov., p. 24; Apr., 21; M/J., p. 6
Vongerichten, Megan. Sept., p. 13
Waldman, Marcia. Jan., p. 14
Walkup, Nancy. Sept., p. 4, 48; Jan., p. 52; Feb., p. 11; Apr., p. 7; M/J., p. 4, 13, 46
Wall, Sharon. Sept., p. 13; Jan., p. 47; Feb., p. 34
Warwick, Sharon. Nov., p. 28
White, Heather. Feb., p. 25
Wells, Wendy. Dec., p. 15
Wohl, Ester. Oct., p. 26
Wright, Amy. Sept., p. 30
Yarborough, Bill. Oct., p. 32; M/J., p. 24
Young, Bernard. M/J., p. 26

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