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August/September 2004–May/June 2005

Glossary of Department Titles

AEOL: ArtEd Online
ANE: Art and the Natural Environment
BI: Bright Ideas
CC: ClipCards
HH: Helpful Hints
LL: Looking/Learning
SP: Senior Portfolio
TV: Teacher Voices

I Wear My Art on My Sleeve. Oct., p. 47
Respect through Advocacy. Mar., p. 6 (HH)
Speaking Up and Speaking Out. Oct., p. 8 (BI)
The Arts Bring Solace: Remembering 9/11. Sept., p. 44
The Cutting Edge Challenge. Jan., p. 23
The Billboard Project. Mar., p. 32
Winning with Art. May/June, p. 48
Work Shared with Pride. Mar., p. 8 (BI)

Art Criticism and Appreciation
Art and the Natural Environment: An Overview. May/June, p. 53 (ANE)
Discovering the Desert. Feb., p. 37 (ANE)
Flowing with Rivers. Sept., p. 39 (ANE)
Magnificent Mountains. Dec., p. 37 (ANE)
Reflection on Lakes. Nov., p. 35 (ANE)
Studying Skies: Clouds, Winds and Storms. Mar., p. 41 (ANE)
Studying Skies: Rain, Fog, and Mist. Mar., p. 41 (ANE)
Sunrise, Sunset. May/June, p. 41 (ANE)
The Gates. May/June, p. 52
The Value of Dialogue. Jan., p. 41
Valley Landscapes. Jan., p. 40 (ANE)
Wetland Wilderness. Oct., p. 39 (ANE)

Art History
Culture Boxes: The Art of Retablos. Feb., p. 26
Elegant Art Nouveau. Apr., p. 24
Walls of Time. Feb., p. 24

Body Art
Body Art: Connecting Past and Future. Feb., p. 28
Facing Up to Body Art. Sept., p. 48
Tat too Cool. Feb., p. 46

Book Arts
Found Poetry. Mar., p. 47
Medieval Books. Feb., p. 41.
The Book as a Sculptural Object. Oct., p. 32
The Sketchbook as Artist’s Book. May/June, p. 34

Ceramic Art Takes Form. May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Not Just Clay. Apr., p. 30 (AEOL)
Master Study: Ceramics. Dec., p. 31
Managing to Work in Clay. Jan., p. 8 (BI)
Poetry Fish. Oct., p. 28
Traveling Trunks. Sept., p. 23

New Spin on Color. Apr., p. 7 (CC)
Transforming Teaching: Unlocking the Color of White. Nov., p. 21

Collage/Cut Paper
Festive Skulls. Oct., p. 42
Kapa Sana. Feb., p. 9 (CC)
Scissors: More Than a Cut Above. Jan., p. 42
Seeing through Feeling. Jan., p. 26
Teaching Art with Music. Feb., p. 48
The Pictorial Quilts of Harriet Powers. Feb., p. 21

Community Art
Art and Your Community. Dec., p. 8 (BI)
The Button Project. Feb., p. 39

Computer Art/Technology
Digital Masterpieces. Mar., p. 28
Digital Storytelling. Jan., p. 31
Laptop Paintings. Jan., p. 28
Reflective Portfolios. May/June, p. 46

Cuban Roosters. Nov., p. 40
Infinite Possibilities in Glass Art. Dec., p. 23
Modern Mosaics. Oct., p. 11 (CC)

Design/Graphic Design
Anti-Bullying Posters. May/June, p.13 (CC)
Designer Snowflakes. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Inspirational Words in Patterns. Mar., p. 54
Tag It: Graffiti in the Classroom. Dec., p. 28
The Name Game. Nov., p. 7 (CC)
Transforming Ideas: The Design Process. Nov., p. 37

300 Years of Community History in Architecture. Dec., p. 30
Anti-Bullying Posters. May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Cartoon Assignment. Dec., p. 8 (BI)
Covered Bridges. Dec., p. 39
Drawing with Pen and Ink. Feb., p. 9 (CC)
Fragmented Identity. Sept., p. 11 (CC)
From an Ant’s-Eye View. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Inner Image. Sept., p. 26
Models Under Spotlights. May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Moving Profiles. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Negative Contour. Dec., p. 9 (CC)
Observing and Recording Nature. Oct., p. 11 (CC)
Places with Patterns. Dec., p. 46
Shoescapes. Mar., p. 48
Sketchbooks and Mastering Technical Skills. Oct., p. 25
Supersized Flowers. Nov., p. 7 (CC)
The Sketchbook as Artist’s Book. May/June, p. 34
Transforming Teaching: Unlocking the Color of White. Nov., p. 21
Value-able Still Life. Mar., p. 50
Van Gogh’s Irises, Mar., p. 13 (CC)

Early Chilhood
Art Playgroup. Sept., p. 41
Cuban Roosters. Nov., p. 40
Lines Like Being Walked. Nov., p. 7 (CC)
Picasso’s Perspective. Dec., p. 9 (CC)
The Jigsaw Mural. Dec., p. 48

Environment and Nature
Art and the Natural Environment: An Overview. May/June, p. 53
When Earth Is Our Canvas. Oct., p. 8 (BI)

An Art Gallery for under $50. Dec., p. 43
Peace through Art and Sport. Nov., p. 41
Paint to Pen. May/June, p. 50

Fiber/Fabric Arts
Tom Finery. Nov., p. 28

Interdisciplinary Connections
Art Supports Reading Comprehension. Jan., p. 44
Found Poetry. Mar., p. 47
Promoting Character Education. Sept., p. 28
Science Fair Art. Nov., p. 48
Traveling Trunks. Sept., p. 23
Teaching Art with Music. Feb., p. 48

ArtEd Online. Sept., p. 34; Oct., p. 34; Nov., p. 30; Dec., p. 32; Jan., p. 34; Feb., p. 32; Mar., p. 36; Apr., p. 30; May/June, p. 36

Looking Around
Adapting to Change. Jan., p. 10
Courtship Chronology. Apr., p. 12
Doors to Understanding. Feb., p. 6
Getting Close to Nature. Oct., p. 22
Metaphors in the Sky. Mar., p. 10
River Actions. Sept., p. 19
Symbol of Place. Dec., p. 18
Transforming Space. Nov., p. 12

Asen Altar: An Ode to Ancestors. Feb., p. 33 (LL)
Boston Common at Twilight. Childe Hassam. Dec., p. 33 (LL)
Burial Mantle. May/June, p. 31 (LL)
Copley’s Paul Revere. Sept., p. 35 (LL)
Homer: The Blind Bard. Jan., p. 35 (LL)
Mirror Shadow VII. Louise Nevelson. Mar., p. 37 (LL)
Tang Dynasty Horse. Oct., p. 35 (LL)

Mixed Media
Alien Crayon Resist. Nov., p. 7 (CC)
Animals Come Alive. Oct., p. 30
Autobiographical Quilts. Sept., p. 32
Birds in Camouflage. Apr., p.7 (CC)
Cubistic Patchwork. Feb., p. 9 (CC)
Cubist-Style Portraits. Sept., p. 11 (CC)
Dot Monsters. Dec., p. 9 (CC)
Expressions in Remembrance. May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Flowers, Beautiful Flowers. Mar., p. 13 (CC)
Inspired by Oceans. Apr., p 26
Ivory Snowmen. Jan., p. 48
Love Bugs on Parade. Apr., p. 7 (CC)
Marshmallow Peacocks. Oct., p. 11 (CC)
Matisse’s Fish Bowls. Apr., p. 7 (CC)
Sandpainting: A Healing Art. Feb., p. 29
“Shaky-Eye” Creatures. Mar., p. 13 (CC)
Who I Am. Sept., p. 11 (CC)
Winter Fun. Sept., p. 11 (CC)

Multicultural and Global Connections
A World United Through Art. May/June, p. 43
Exploring Cultures through Maps. Feb., p. 30
Peace through Art and Sport. Nov., p. 41
Teaching Tolerance. Feb., p. 52
Sandpainting: A Healing Art. Feb., p. 29
Teaching About Traditional African Art. Feb., p. 14 (BI)
The Three Perfections. Apr., p. 40
The World’s Art in Your Art World. Apr., p. 22

Murals and Group Projects
Abstract Expressionism. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Murals as Storytellers. May/June, p. 27
The Jigsaw Mural. Dec., p. 48
School Safety Mural. Mar., p. 30

Abstract Expressionism. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Acrylic Animals. Oct., p. 44
Autumn Acrylics. Nov., p. 26
Controlled Chaos. Nov., p. 46
Fabulous First Graders. Sept., p. 50
Lift-Out Process. Feb., p. 9 (CC)
Not Just a Fall Tree. Nov., p. 44
Solarized Self-Portraits. Sept., p. 45
The Magic of Myth. Nov., p. 24
Wheels of Color. Mar., p. 13 (CC)

Marvelous Marbled Underwater Scenes. Apr., p. 19

Artful Collaborations: First Encounters. Mar., p. 43
One Neighborhood, Many Views. Dec. p. 45
Solarized Self-Portraits. Sept., p. 45

Barbara Kierewicz. Sept., p. 20 (SP)
Brad Conklin. Jan., p. 14 (SP)
Chelsea Coronado. Apr., p. 49 (SP)
Hannah L. Casile. Oct., p. 20 (SP)
Jessica Donalson. Mar., p. 22 (SP)
Kim Nguyen. Dec., p. 20 (SP)
Laura Moyer. May/June, p. 18 (SP)
Rebecca M. Ramirez. Feb., p. 19 (SP)
Tina Trang. Nov., p. 14 (SP)

Shoe Shenanigans. Mar., p. 35
Printmaking for All Ages. Mar., p. 52
Printing without Ink. Mar., p. 29
What Do You See? Feb., p. 40

Don’t Throw That Away! Transform It. Nov., p. 43

Alien Crayon Resist. Nov., p. 7 (CC)
Elegant Art Nouveau. Apr., p. 24
IrRESISTible. Apr., p. 37

Sculpture, Assemblage, and Three-Dimensional Design
Artful Collaborations: Narrative Clock Sculptures. Apr., p. 43
Assigned Seating. Jan., p. 46
Chairs with Flair. May/June, p. 47
Computer-Parts Sculpture. Dec., p. 9 (CC)
Creative Critters: Hatching New Ideas. Oct., p. 49
From Sea to Shining Sea. Apr., p. 38
Llama Loco. Oct., p. 11 (CC)
Par for the Course. May/June, p. 28
Relief Sculpture. Mar., p. 25
Seaforms—An Installation Project. Apr., p. 28
Themed Birdhouses. Oct., p. 46

Special Needs
Adaptive Art Education. Jan., p. 27
Adaptations for Students with ADHD. Jan., p. 30
Magical Boxes. Feb., p. 44
Seeing through Feeling. Jan., p. 26
Using Process Visuals to Teach Art. Jan., p. 32

Teaching Theory and Practice
An Environment for Success. Nov., p. 10 (BI)
Art Is the Core. Apr., p. 8 (BI)
Art Fridge List. May/June, p. 8 (BI)
Art Trivia Time. Nov., p. 10 (BI)
Acknowledge Accomplishments. Apr., p. 8 (BI)
ArtEd and School Law. Apr., p. 27
Be All That You Can Be. May/June, p. 6 (HH)
Being Thankful. Nov., p. 6 (HH)
Building on Experiences. Dec., p. 8 (BI)
Creating a Quality Unit. Apr., p. 42
Critiquing vs. Debriefing. May/June, p. 30
Dealing with Isolation. Nov., p. 6 (HH)
Drawing Closer to Nature. Oct., p. 41; Dec., p. 39; Mar., p. 34
Dilemma, Discovery, Decision. May/June, p. 31
End-of-Year Assessment. May/June, p. 6 (HH)
Having Some Options. Mar., p. 8 (HH)
Humor Helps. Oct., p. 7 (HH)
If It’s February, It Must Be Love. Feb., p. 12 (HH)
Inspiring Excellence. Dec., p. 6 (HH)
Just Rewards. Apr., p. 6 (HH)
Museum Field Trips. Mar., p. 6 (HH)
New Year, New Things. Jan., p. 6 (HH)
Order in the Classroom. Sept., p. 8 (BI)
Revisiting Successful Lessons. Sept., p. 8 (BI)
School Environments. Feb., p. 12 (HH)
Starting the Year Off Right. Sept., p. 6 (HH)
Staying Sane. Dec., p. 6 (HH)
Studio Practice. May/June, p. 8 (BI)
Take Time to Teach. Jan., p. 8 (BI)
Teaching About Traditional African Art. Feb., p. 14 (BI)
The Art Gap. Feb., p. 14 (BI)
The Art of Your Room. Sept., p. 30
The Wonder Full Teacher Project: Ellen Robinson. Sept., p. 55 (TV)
The Wonder Full Teacher Project: Jodi Patterson. Nov., p. 54 (TV)
The Wonder Full Teacher Project: Jane Kunzman. Jan., p. 50 (TV)
The Wonder Full Teacher Project: Peter Geisser. Feb., p. 50 (TV)
The Wonder Full Teacher Project: Katy Jeffries. Mar., p. 58 (TV)
The Wonder Full Teacher Project: Virginia Freyermuth. Apr., p. 16 (TV)
Thinking Through Art. Mar., p. 56
Thriving as a Teacher. Jan., p. 6 (HH)
Too Much Stuff. Apr,. p. 6 (HH)
Using Process Visuals to Teach Art. Jan., p. 32
Working Smarter. Oct., p. 7 (HH)

Anderson, Heather. Sept., p. 39 (ANE); Oct., p. 39 (ANE); Nov., p. 35 (ANE); Dec., p. 37 (ANE); Jan., p. 39 (ANE); Feb., p. 37 (ANE); Mar., p. 37 (ANE); Apr., p. 35 (ANE); May/June, p. 41, 53 (ANE)
Anthos, Jeannette Smith. Sept., p. 46
Armstrong, Charley. Feb., p. 39
Arndt, Tina. Oct., p. 47
Arnold, Alice. Oct., p. 46
Bachman, Julie. Dec., p. 46
Backstrom, Deborah. Sept., p. 11 (CC)
Bailey, Sally B. Mar., p. 13 (CC)
Barsamian, Araxey. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Bartlet, Deb. May/June, p. 34
Beck, Cathy. Mar., p. 54
Biase, Anita. Oct., p. 8 (BI); Dec. p. 8 (BI); Feb., p. 52
Bond, Tracy. May/June, p. 8 (BI)
Brinkman, Gloria. May/June, p. 31
Broadwater, Kay. Sept., p. 44; Sept., p. 6 (HH); Oct., p. 7 (HH); Nov., p. 6 (HH); Dec., p. 6 (HH); Jan., p. 6 (HH); Feb., p. 12 (HH); Mar., p. 6 (HH); Apr., p. 6 (HH); May/June, p. 6 (HH)
Brown, Louisa. Nov., p. 24
Bruce, Wendy. Mar., p. 47
Bush, Amber. Oct., p. 11 (CC)
Chattin, Lois. Nov., p. 46
Clark, Kelly. Dec., p. 31
Conklin, Brad. Jan., p. 14 (SP)
Costello, Judith. Feb., p. 44
Crawford, Jodi. Dec., p. 48
Curio, Michele. Apr., p. 37
Donalson, Jessica. Mar., p. 22 (SP)
Doorley, Rachelle. Jan., p. 35 (LL)
Duran, Connie. Dec., p. 8 (BI)
Esher, Jodi. Mar., p. 30
Eversgerd, Elaine. Jan., p. 11 (CC); Feb., p. 9 (CC); Mar., p. 13 (CC)
Fattal, Laura Felleman. Dec., p. 26
Fontes, Kris. Apr., p. 24
Fradella, Laura. May/June, p. 27
Fralick, Clark. May/June, p. 46
Freyermuth, Virginia. Sept., p. 55 (TV); Nov., p. 54 (TV); Jan., p. 50 (TV); Feb., p. 50 (TV); Mar., p. 58 (TV)
Frisch, Catherine. May/June, p. 7 (CC)
Gardner, Susan. Mar., p. 50
Geier, Denise. Dec., p. 43
Geisser, Peter. Feb., p. 50 (TV)
Gilman, Lisa. Jan., p. 28
Grady, Bev. Feb., p. 30
Graff, Robert. Mar., p. 13 (CC); Apr., p. 7 (CC)
Graziano, Jane. Apr., p. 28
Hafley, Michaela. Dec., p. 9 (CC)
Hafner, Jill. Sept., p. 11 (CC)
Heiniger, Christina. Sept., p. 41
Henn, Cynthia. Nov., p. 40
Hinshaw, Craig. Apr., p.40
Howard, Shirley, Sept., p. 8; Oct., p. 8; Nov., p. 10; Dec., p. 8; Jan., p. 8; Feb., p. 14. ; Mar., p. 8; Apr., p. 10(BI); May/June, p. 8 (BI)
Hughes, Kathy. Oct., p. 11 (CC); Feb., p. 26
Hunter-Doniger, Tracey. Mar., p. 28
Iacchia, Flora. Jan., p. 31
Ishaq, Ashfaq. Nov., p. 41
Irvine, Hope. Apr., p.22
Janssen, Leslie, Sept., p. 45
Jeffries, Katy. Mar., p. 58 (TV)
Jones, Dana. Jan., p. 44
Joyce, Teri Dexheimer. Jan., p. 11 (CC)
Kader, Themina. Feb., p. 14 (BI)
Kallanian, Susanne. Feb., p. 33 (LL)
Kanevski, Tara L., Oct., p. 28
Karamanol, Alice. Jan., p. 27
Katter, Eldon. May/June, p. 52
Kemmler, Vicky. May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Kierewicz, Barbara. Sept., p. 20
King, Judith, Sept., p. 35 (LL); Oct., p. 35 (LL); Nov., p. 31 (LL); Jan., p. 35 (LL); p. 37 (LL)
Komrska, Shelley. Feb., p. 24
Kunzman, Jane. Jan., p. 50 (TV)
Lappe, Steve. Oct., p. 25
Lawrence, Trudy. Mar., p. 25
Leonard, Stephanie. Apr., p. 26
Lewis, Lynn. Sept., p. 23
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Longhenry, Susan. Mar., p. 56
Loudermilk, Becky. Dec., p. 39
McArdle, Kathleen A., Oct., p. 42; Feb., p. 21
McGrady, Mari. Jan., p. 30
Malkin, Pamela. Jan., p. 32
Maresh, Joan. Sept., p. 11 (CC); Oct., p. 11 (CC); Nov., p. 7 (CC); Dec., p. 9 (CC); Jan., p. 11 (CC); Feb., p. 9 (CC); Mar., p. 13 (CC); Apr., p. 7 ; May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Martin, Corinne. Dec., p. 9 (CC)
Miller-Hewes, Kathy A. Nov., p. 44
Mitchell, Annette, Mar., p. 52
Mollhagen, Nancy. Sept., p. 26; Nov., p. 26
Moore, Jim. Jan., p. 44
Mosco, Michele. Nov., p. 10 (BI)
Mueller, Ann. Jan., p. 48
Nash, Kymberly. Apr., p. 27
Neelon, Caleb. Dec., p. 48
Nesson, Jennifer Bellows. Sept., p. 11 (CC)
Nicol, Candace. Nov., p. 37
Nieviadomy, Jinny. Dec., p. 28
Nguyen, Kim. Dec., p. 20 (SP)
Ogden, Jennifer. Oct., p. 11 (CC)
Popp, Linda. Apr., p. 43
Perry, Alyce. Mar., p. 37 (LL)
Price, Dustine. May/June, p. 50
Ramirez, Rebecca M. Feb., p. 19 (SP)
Rea, Rebecca. Dec., p. 33 (LL)
Reist, Kay. Jan. p. 46; May/June, p. 30
Robinson, Ellen. Sept., p. 55 (TV)
Rosko, Keith A. Feb., p. 28
Rudecki, Maryanna G. Oct., p. 44.
Sabiston, Duane. Nov., p. 21
Salley, Laura. Jan., p. 27
Schelling, Gloria. Dec., p. 30
Scott, Beverly. Apr., p. 38
Senz, John. Feb., p. 46
Share, Joani. Jan., p. 23
Shauck, Barry. Mar., p. 43
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Sio, Elizabeth. Dec., p. 45
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Sullivan, Kelly. Feb., p. 9 (CC)
Sullivan, Kevin. Sept., p. 30; Nov., p. 48
Sutley, Jane. Sept., p. 32; Nov., p. 7 (CC); Mar., p. 48; Apr., p.7 (CC); May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Suzanne, Teri. Jan., p. 42
Swope, Darcy M. Nov., p. 7 (CC); Dec., p. 9 (CC); May/June, p. 13 (CC)
Tapley, Erin. Feb., p. 9 (CC)
Thompson, James P. Mar., p. 29
Trang, Tina. Nov., p. 14 (SP)
Turner, Mary C. Mar., p. 35
Vassil, Darlene. May/June, p. 28
Vincent, Carol. Jan., p. 26
Wagner, Thomas. Oct., p. 32
Wales, Andrew. Sept., p. 28; Nov., p. 7 (CC);
Walkup, Nancy. Feb., p. 48, Apr., p. 19
Walkup, Nancy, Sept., p. 34; Oct., p. 34; Nov., p. 30; Dec., p. 32; Jan., p. 34; Feb., p. 32 ; Mar., p. 36. ; Apr., p. 30; May/June, p. 36(AEOL)
Walter, Bethany. Feb., p. 29; May/June, p. 48
Weaver, Victoria. Mar., p. 32; Apr., p. 42
Weiss, Shelley. Oct., p. 49
Wetzler, Pat. Sept., p. 8
White, Carla Sabatino. May/June, p. 47
Wicks-Patnaude, Trina. Oct., p. 30
Wilkin, Diane. Feb., p. 41
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Wurst, Douglas. Jan., p. 44

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