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August/September 2003–May/June 2004

Glossary of Department Titles

AEOL: ArtEd Online
AS: Artists Speak
CC: ClipCards
GC: GalleryCards
HH: Helpful Hints
LA: Looking Around
LL: Looking/Learning
MF: Moving Forward
NT: New Technologies
OB: Outside the Box
RLL: Read! Look! Learn!
TSK: Teacher Survival Kit
TT: Teacher Talk

Advancing Art in Education, Sept., p. 35
Cultural Connections, April, p. 49
Eat Your Art, Oct., p. 49
Peace Through Art, Sept., p. 51
Teaching for Success, Oct., p. 35
The Advocate’s Role, April, p. 9 (HH)
The Advocate’s Voice, April, p. 9 (HH)

Aesthetics and the World Trade Center, April, p. 34
Is it Reasonable?, April, p. 32

Art Criticism and Appreciation
Art: 21, Sept., p. 21
Collier Schorr, Nov., p. 19 (AS)
Do-Ho Suh, Oct., p. 21 (AS)
Honoré Daumier, May/June, p. 35 (LL)
Kara Walker, May/June, p. 21 (AS)
Kiki Smith, Jan., p. 23 (AS)
Martin Puyear, April, p. 21 (AS)
Mihrab, April, p. 39 (LL)
Nam June Paik, Sept., p. 37 (LL)
Paul Pfeiffer, Dec., p. 19 (AS)
Raymond Pettibon, March, p. 19 (AS)
Robert S. Duncanson, Oct., p. 37 (LL)
Sam the Dot Man, Jan., p. 14 (LA)
Tim Hawkinson, Feb., p. 21 (AS)
Trenton Doyle Hancock, Sept., p. 23 (AS)

Art History
Dinner Part for an Artist, Jan., p. 42
Not Art in the Dark, Jan., p. 33
Personal Art History, Jan., p. 12 (CC)
Rock Art, Jan., p. 41

Book Arts
Flag Book Landscapes, Oct., p. 48

Chanson in Clay, Feb., p. 40
From Cave Walls to Clay Images, Jan., p. 44
Shabti Sculptures, Sept., p. 56
Time and Time Again, March, p. 22

Collage/Cut Paper
Building Imagination One Shape at a Time, Dec., p. 43
Collage with Coffee, Jan., p. 30
Color Collage, May/June, p. 12 (CC)
Creative Cut-Ups, Nov., p. 46
Expressing Feeling Through Photo Collage, Dec., p. 38
Stained-Glass Window Panels, Jan., p. 12 (CC)

Computer Art/Technology
ArtEd Online, Sept., p. 36
ArtSite: Sharing Art and Ideas, Sept., p. 54
Building Digital Arts Communities, Oct., p. 54
Education as Infomercial: From a Culture of Acceptance to a Culture of Action, May/June, p. 46
Using Technology Artfully, Nov., p. 52
War Posters, Nov., p. 42

Bottle Gourd Birdhouses, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Formal Duct Tape Duds, Dec., p. 44
Kaleidoscope Krazy, Dec., p. 40
Little Friends, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Meaningful Masks, Sept., p.6 (CC)
Recycled Egg Carton Masks, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Stained-Glass Mosaics, Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Symmetrical Suns, Sept., p. 6 (CC)

Design/Graphic Design
A Lesson in Tolerance, Feb., p. 26
High Contrast, Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Lifting the Veil: Art in the Middle East, Nov., p. 28
Mandalas, Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Radiant Feelings, March, p. 5 (CC)
Symmetrical Butterflies, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Two-View Op Art, Dec., p. 28
Using the Elements of Art, Dec., p. 37
War Posters, Nov., p. 42

A Six-Phase Drawing Project, May/June, p. 41
Bring in the Clowns, March, p. 5 (CC)
Caricaturing the Friend, March, p. 5 (CC)
Creative Caricature, Sept., p. 34
Drawing Yoga, Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Dressing a Skeleton, Sept., p. 32
Kindergarten Landscapes, Oct., p. 44
Landscapes: Drawing What’s Close By, Oct., p. 46
Mount Rushmore Revisited, March, p. 5
Observation Drawing in Early Childhood, Oct., p. 50
Self-Portrait Sketchbooks, Sept., p. 27
Spring has Sprung, April, p. 8 (CC)
Squaring Off with Mondrian, Nov., p. 30
State Postage Stamps, May/June, p. 12 (CC)
Unique Interpretations of Trees, Oct., p. 32
What Are Kindergarteners Doing When They Draw?, Sept., p. 43
Working from Memory: Artists and Actors, May/June, p. 25

Eat Your Art, Oct., p. 49
End of Year Art Show, Jan., p. 46
Family Friendly Art, April, p. 23
The Art Show, Feb., p. 45

Fiber/Fabric Arts
Batik Designs, Feb., p. 46
Winter Hang Ups, Nov., p. 42

Bowl with Frieze of Lions Attacking Bulls, March, p. 33
Charles T. Webber, Feb., p. 36
Chilkat Ceremonial Dance Blanket, Nov., p. 38
Gustave Courbet, Oct., p. 42
Henry Farny, Jan, p. 40
Jain Shrine, April, p. 43
John Henry Twachtman, Oct., p. 42
John Quincy Adams Ward, Sept., p. 42
Lion Funerary Monument, March, p. 33
Mihrab, April, p. 39 (LL)
Pablo Picasso, May/June, p. 40 (GC)
Paul Cézanne, May/June, p. 40 (GC)
Samuel Best, Dec., p. 36
Shaped Carpet, India, Nov., p. 38
Statuette of Worshiper, Sept., p. 42
Therman Statom, Dec., p. 36
Vincent van Gogh, Jan., p. 40
Winslow Homer, Feb., p. 36

Interdisciplinary Connections
Art with a Message, Oct., p. 51
Islands of Discovery, Feb., p. 23
Math with an Artistic Outcome, Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Zoetropes and the Persistence of Vision, May/June, p. 30

ArtEd Online, Sept., p. 36; Oct., p. 36; Nov., p. 32; Dec., p. 30; Jan., p. 34; Feb., p. 30; March, p. 28; April, p. 38; May, p. 34
ArtSite: Sharing Art and Ideas, Sept., p. 54

Ben Pitman, Dec., p. 31
Claude Monet, Jan., p. 35
Honoré Daumier, May/June, p., 35
Horace Pippin, Feb., p. 31
Maria van Oosterwijck, March, p. 29
Mihrab, April, p. 39 (LL)
Nam June Paik, Sept., p. 37
Robert S. Duncanson, Oct., p. 37
Worcester Royal Porcelain Company Limited, Nov., p. 31

Mixed Media
A Turn in the Weather, April, p. 30
Art with a Message, Oct., p. 51
Birds and Bamboo, April, p. 8 (CC)
Broken Landscapes, Oct., p. 30
Fun with Autumn Leaves, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Haitian Metal Art, April, p. 8 (CC)
Keats’ Creations, Feb., p. 28
Kitchen Corner, May/June, p. 48
Maypole Tie Dye, May/June, p. 12 (CC)
Owls at Night, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Spectacular Snow Globes, Nov., p. 10 (CC)
Warhol Wins Popularity, Jan., p. 12 (CC)
Multicultural and Global Connections
Aboriginal Bark Painting, Feb., p. 42
Aboriginal Dreamtime Narratives, March, p. 24
Calligraphy Tiles, March, p. 35
Echoes of Ancient Cambodia, March, p. 38
Everything Japanese, March, p. 44
Here Comes the Sun, Feb., p. 44
Life Lessons Learned on Vacation, May/June, p. 28
Lifting the Veil: Art in the Middle East, Nov., p. 28
Mola Art, Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Mola Interpretations, Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Rokkaku Fighting Kites, March, p. 21
Tamjore: Mystical Painting of India, March, p. 40
Turkish Shadow Puppets Yesterday and Today, March, p. 42
Vejigantes: Traditional Masks of Puerto Rico, Feb., p. 38

Murals and Group Projects
An Integrated Mural Project, April, p. 50
Art for Public Places, April, p. 56
Art in the Garden, April, p. 36
Our School, Our Community, May/June, p. 33
Reconstructing Community History, Feb., p. 37
Wall Art, April, p. 52

Changing the Mood, Dec., p. 21
Comparing Sources of Content in Children’s Art, Nov., p. 26
Contemporary Cave Art, Jan., p. 12 (CC)
Engineering the Apple, Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Folk Art in the Sky, May/June, p. 32
Interpretive Art, May/June, p. 12 (CC)
Lesson in Brown, Nov., p. 10 (CC)
Loving Those Abstracts, Jan., p. 28
Monet and the Science of Light, Jan., p. 26
Nature Impasto, April, p. 8 (CC)
Setting the Table, Jan., p. 25
Travel and Correspondence, April, p. 45

Making My Bed, April, p. 27

Performance Art
Capturing the Light, Oct., p. 28
Cave Art Becomes Performance Art, Jan., p. 32

Pinhole Portraits, Nov., p. 10 (CC)

A Monoprint for All Seasons, Nov., p. 44
Collagraph, Prints without a Press, Nov., p. 23
Echoes of Ancient Cambodia, March, p. 38
Exploring Emotion Through Printmaking, Nov., p. 63
Pop-Out Prints, Nov., p. 10 (CC)
Printmaker’s Pride, Nov., p. 31
Wallpaper: Not the Wallflower of the Arts, Nov., p. 39

Looking Beyond Your Own Trash Can, Jan., p. 48
Recycled Egg Carton Masks, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Recycled, Reformed, Sept., p. 50

Sculpture, Assemblage, and Three-Dimensional Design
Assignment: Make Art, Make Friends, Sept., p. 48
Communicating Through Sculpture, Sept., p. 30
Heart and Sole, Dec., p. 26
Little Friends, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Meaningful Masks, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Recycled Egg Carton Masks, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Recycled, Reformed, Sept., p. 50
Sculptural Paintings, May/June, p. 44
Shabti Sculptures, Sept., p. 56
Symmetrical Suns, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Tropical Trophies, Oct., p. 27

Teaching Theory and Practice
Artroom Centers—Part One, March, p. 26
Brush Care Nov., p. 7 (HH)
Capturing the Movement, Jan., p. 9 (HH)
Classroom Management, Sept., p. 9 (HH)
Clay Clean Up, Feb., p. 11 (HH)
Communication is the Key, Oct., p. 9 (HH)
Establishing Respect, Dec., p. 11 (HH)
Exploring Holiday Art, Dec., p. 11 (HH)
Free-Time Solutions, Oct., p. 9 (HH)
Lesson Plan Ideas, Oct., p. 9 (HH)
Painting Tips, Sept., p. 9 (HH)
Praise Reappraised, Feb., p. 11 (HH)
Professional Winter Reading, Jan., p. 9 (HH)
Saving Time for Teaching, Jan., p. 9 (HH)
Saying What You Mean, Nov., p. 7 (HH)
Studio Experiences in Art Education, Dec., p. 24
The Art Teacher as Censor, April, p. 54
The Classroom Environment, Feb., p. 11 (HH)
The Dotted Calendar, Dec., p. 11 (HH)
Working Together, Nov., p. 7 (HH)
Working with Guest Artists, April, p. 9 (HH)
Your Vital Role, Sept., p. 9 (HH)

Visual Culture
Carnival in Ponce, Feb., p. 16 (LA)
Figures Take Form, Sept., p. 18 (LA)
Houses: Proud and Humble, April, p. 14 (LA)
Nature’s Gifts, Oct., p. 25 (LA)
Prints and Patterns, Nov., p. 13 (LA)
Putting Pow into Art Instruction, Feb., p. 46
Sam the Dot Man, Jan., p. 14 (LA)
Sign Options, Dec., p. 15 (LA)
Telling Tees, March, p. 15 (LA)

Allen, Jane Ingram, April, p. 27
Altman, Marie, Nov., p. 31
Asplan, Jay, Sept., p. 37 (LL)
Bain, Christina, Jan., p. 48
Barsamian, Araxey, Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Basco, Jeanie, May/June, p. 11
Becker, Judi I., Sept., p. 34; Nov., p. 10 (CC)
Berkowitz, Jay, Feb., p. 46
Biase, Anita, Sept., p. 35, Oct., p. 35
Bickley-Green, Cynthia, April, p. 49
Birns, Marlanda, Nov., p. 42
Bodnar, Joanne Smith, April, p. 7 (CC)
Bohannon, Sheila, Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Bowden, Jennifer, May/June p. 44
Braunlin-Jones, Heather, Oct., p. 37; Dec., p. 31; Feb., p. 31 (LL)
Brent, Gina, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Brewer, Thomas, Dec., p. 24
Broadwater, Kay, Sept., p. 9; Oct., p. 9; Nov., p. 7; Dec., p.11; Jan., p. 9; Feb., p. 11; March, p. 11; April, p. 9; May/June, p. 9 (HH)
Brown, Jane Relaford, Oct., p. 34
Bryden, Nancy, Jan., p. 42
Campbell, Sharon, May/June, p. 48
Carroll, Karen Lee, Sept., p. 43
Cavarallo, Stephanie, Nov., p. 42
Chambers, Carol, Nov., p. 44
Chilman, Karen, April, p. 50
Christensen, Ann R., March, p. 24
Clark, Kelly, Jan., p. 12 (CC)
Clawser, Bill, Oct., p.  28
Clover, Faith, May/June, p. 28
Cooney, Lil, Jan., p. 12 (CC)
Corrigan, Nancy P., March, p. 21
DeFrancisco, Regina, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
DeSimone, Jana J., Sept., p. 6 (CC)
Detmers, William, May/June, p. 41
Devlin-Scherer, Roberta, Nov., p. 52
Diaz, Socorrito, Feb., p. 38
Eiken, Renee, Oct., p. 27; May/June, p. 33
Erickson, Mary, May/June, p. 28
Feiring, Nancy Click, March, p. 38
Fulbright, Harriet Mayor, Sept., p. 51
Gabbard, Susan, Oct., p. 44; Nov., p. 30
Garcia, Maria, April, p. 23
Gaspardi, Ellyn, March, p. 35
Gibbons, Eric, Feb., p. 23
Giles, Amy R.,  Oct., p. 50
Graziano, Jane, Feb., p. 42
Greenly, Laurie, Sept., p. 54
Grol, Lini Richards, Nov., p. 46
Groveman, Lori, Dec., p. 28
Guidetti, Mary D., Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Halvorson, Bonnie, Oct., p. 51
Hancock, Patricia, Nov., p. 26
Harness, Christine S., Sept., p. 32
Henn, Cynthia A., Jan., p. 41; Feb., p. 48; March, p. 40
Hoffman, Patrick, Nov., p. 63
Holtrop, Emily, Nov., p. 31; March, p. 29 (LL)
Horst, Carol, Oct., p. 46; March, p. 5 (CC)
Howard, Shirley, Sept., p. 9; Oct., p. 9; Nov., p. 7; Dec., p. 11; Jan., p. 9; Feb., p. 11; March, p. 11; April, p. 9; May/June, p. 9 (HH)
Hurwitz, Al, May/June, p. 25
Iacchia, Flora, Oct., p. 62
Ishaq, Ashfaq, Sept., p. 51
Jenkins, Merilou, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Johnt, Marleme, Feb., p. 26
Kenevski, Tara L., April, p. 30
Kleckly, Patt, Sept., p. 46
Knipe, Marianne, Oct., p. 48
Lane, Robb, March, p. 26
Lind, Ted, April, p. 39 (LL)
Lord, Lynda A., Dec., p. 37
Lucero-Criswell, Amber, May/June, p. 35 (LL)
MacDonald, Victoria, Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Markovich, Joan M., Sept., p. 50; Oct., p. 32; Feb., p. 44, March, p. 5 (CC)
Matheisen, Sharon, Nov., p. 63
McGinley, Connie Q., April, p. 52
McKenna, Stacey, Sept., p. 48; Dec., p. 212
Mehta, Shital, March, p. 5; April, p. 7 (CC)
Myhre, Ann, Nov., p. 10; Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Nelken, Miranda, Jan., p. 12 (CC); Jan., p. 25; Jan., p. 40
Nelson, Jennifer Bellows, April., p. 7 (CC)
Nevinskas, Nancy, Feb., p. 28
O’Gorman, Linda, Jan., p. 26
Packer, Todd, Feb., p. 46
Pass, Lynn DiCamillo, March, p. 22
Petit, David A., April, p. 54
Popp, Linda, Oct., p 43
Rauch, Marion Cosgrove, Jan., p. 35 (LL)
Riutort, Yanira, Feb., p. 38
Rushin, Susan, Dec., p. 8; Feb., p. 8 (CC)
Salerno-McLaughlin, Nov., p. 10 (CC)
Schantz, Thomas F., Dec., p. 44
Scolarici, Alicia, Feb., p. 45
Shauch, Barry, April, p. 45
Shields, Amy, Feb., p. 37
Sliverman, Nina, Sept., p. 27; Nov., p. 23
Silverstein, Barbara, Dec., p. 42; May/June, p. 32
Simonstein, Helle, Jan., p. 30
Stephens, Pamela Geiger, Jan., p. 33; April, p. 32; May/june,, p 30
Stevens, Lori, Jan., p. 28
Stevens, Peggi R., March, p. 44
Stokrocki, Mary, March, p. 42
Stone, Julie, Dec., p. 43; Jan., p. 44
Stump, Kari, Dec., p. 36
Sullivan, Kelly, Sept., p. 6; Nov., p. 10 (CC)
Sutley, Jane, Oct., p. 6 (CC)
Swope, Darcy M., Dec., p. 8 (CC)
Tapley, Erin, Nov., p. 39; Feb., p. 8; March, p. 5 (CC)
Thomas, Barbara, Sept., p. 56
Thomas, Drew, April, p. 34
Tucciarelli, Teri, April, p. 36
Turner, Jennifer, Nov., p. 28
Tyndall, Kara, Jan., p. 12 (CC)
Vidmar, Lou Ann, Jan., p. 32
Wales, Andrew, May/June, p. 11
Walkup, Nancy, Sept., p. 36; Oct., p. 36; Nov., p. 32; Dec., p. 30; Jan., p. 34; Feb., p 30; March, p. 28; April, p. 38; May/June, p. 34 (AEOL)
Wall, Sharon, April, p. 56
Walter, Bethany, Sept., p. 30
Wetzler, Pat, Jan., p. 46; May/June, p. 11
Widmar, Marge, Dec., p. 38
Williams, Patterson, April, p. 23
Willis, Corey, May/June, p. 46
Wolfe, Polly, Sept., p. 9; Oct., p. 9; Nov., p. 7; Dec., p 11; Jan., p. 9; Feb., p. 11; March, p. 11; April, p. 9; May/June, p. 9 (HH)
Woodruff, Starla, Oct., p. 30
Wyatt, Brenda J., Dec., p. 40
Yoffe, Linda, Sept., p. 6 (CC)

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