Experience Printmaking

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Experience Printmaking, Student Book

The story of printmaking is a story of design, technology, and communication. Experience Printmaking is a clear, practical, and essential resource for the modern day print studio or art classroom with roots in the earliest recorded human experience. This complete curriculum covers the breadth and depth of possibilities in relief, intaglio, silkscreen, monotype, and more. Students’ knowledge of visual design is reinforced and engaged through rich studio experiences based on history and inquiry. The many aspects of planning a print, creating an edition, and even making a process book are described in depth.

  • Step-by-step instruction for each method of printmaking
  • Engaging studio experiences from intaglio to lithograph collages
  • Stunning fine art examples from historical and contemporary artists
  • Interdisciplinary connections, including language arts and chemistry
  • Career profiles of contemporary printmakers
  • Clear stages of print planning
  • Important safety notes for the printmaking studio
  • A thorough Student Handbook with essential information on techniques and processes
  • Nontoxic alternative processes

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Printmaking?
Chapter 2: The Art of Printmaking
Chapter 3: Basic Relief
Chapter 4: Color in Relief
Chapter 5: Intaglio
Chapter 6: Lithography
Chapter 7: Monotype
Chapter 8: Silkscreen
Chapter 9: Mixed Methods and New Directions
Student Handbook

Learn about the lessons and teacher content provided in the Davis Studio Series through this comprehensive walkthrough of chapters in the Experience Painting Student Book and Teacher Edition.