The Visual Experience, 4th Edition

The Visual Experience, Fourth Edition, Teacher Edition Zoom
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The Visual Experience, Fourth Edition, Teacher Edition
Emily Jean Hood and Joe Fusaro

Introduce students to the fundamental skills, concepts, materials, and processes of visual art. Authors Joe Fusaro and Emily Hood have taken our bestselling high school textbook, The Visual Experience, and created a brand-new expanded edition that invites students to discover and engage with contemporary art, digital and media arts, and art criticism in new and meaningful ways.

Teacher Edition Features:
  • A clear, visual chapter organizer that highlights each lesson
  • Step-by-step support for thoughtful art criticism
  • Additional teaching content on all artists featured in the book
  • Consistent lesson format: Prepare, Teach, Assess, Close
  • Lesson extensions
  • Point-of-use definitions for key terms
  • Information for connecting the Essential Question to the lesson content
  • Spanish support for each chapter
  • Differentiated instruction in each chapter
  • Interdisciplinary connections