Discovering Drawing, 3rd ed.

Discovering Drawing, eBook Class Set with 30 printed Student Books and Davis Art Images Subscription Zoom
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This eBook Class Set includes a 6-year license and 30 student accounts.

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Discovering Drawing, eBook Class Set with 30 printed Student Books and Davis Art Images Subscription
Your eBook Class Set purchase includes:
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  • Portfolios for teachers and students
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Discovering Drawing bridges the gap between art instruction, artistic expression, and personal discovery. Students explore all facets of drawing process and media in this visually dynamic and comprehensive approach to art instruction that incorporates both realistic and expressive drawing techniques with art history, aesthetics, and criticism.

The brand-new third edition is designed to reach students at a range of ability levels and includes in-demand features for contemporary classrooms, such as connections to STEM and design, Big Ideas for creating meaning, and more contemporary and diverse art including non-Western and women artists.

A diverse collection of student and professional work and stimulating hands- on studio opportunities, from Conducting an Investigation to Making a Storyboard, inspire students and foster skill mastery. Additionally, portfolio tips, drawing career profiles, and step-by-step instructions for each studio experience immerse students in the drawing process.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What is Drawing?
Chapter 2: The Basics
Chapter 3: Still Life
Chapter 4: Drawing Landscapes
Chapter 5: The Built Environment
Chapter 6: The Figure
Chapter 7: Portraits
Chapter 8: Drawing Animals
Chapter 9: Making Meaning through Drawing
Chapter 10: Imaginary Worlds
Timeline of Drawing

Student Book Features:
  • Stunning fine art examples from historical and contemporary artists
  • Video and technical images to clarify processes and guide students toward mastery
  • Writing prompts and captivating career profiles
  • Exemplary studios with step-by-step instruction
  • Low-tech to high-tech processes that can be adapted to your teaching environment and student interests
  • Portfolio development as well as critical technical and aesthetic inquiry opportunities
  • A wealth of art history and alternative approaches that expand student knowledge of our visual world
  • An in-depth Student Handbook with essential information on techniques and processes

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