Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grade 5

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Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grade 5, Student Book

About Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grades 1–6

Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, is the most comprehensive resource for 1–6 art educators, with learning focused on Big Ideas and Essential Questions; brilliant fine art images from around the globe and across time, including some of the most exciting and innovative 21st century artists; engaging process-based studios; STEAM explorations, and meaningful literacy and STEM connections that complement art instruction. A focus on inquiry, artist as researcher, and choice ensures that students are fully engaged in their learning.

The Grade Five Student Book includes:
Thought-provoking Big ideas and Essential Questions relevant to students' lives
Brilliant fine art images
54 process-based studios with stellar examples of student artwork
Art criticism that encourages students to describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate
STEAM explorations through 21st century artworks
Opportunities for student inquiry, research, and choice
Artist biographies
Helpful technique illustrations
Student Handbook
Key vocabulary in English and Spanish
And much more!

Table of Contents
Each unit is organized around a Big Idea and begins with an Essential Question
Unit 1: We the People:
  Who are we and how do we live our lives?
Unit 2: Our Artistic Heritage:
  What can the past teach us?
Unit 3: Surprises:
  How can we explore the unexpected?
Unit 4: Close to Nature:
  What can we learn by observing the natural world?
Unit 5: Sharing:
  How can we communicate our ideas and feelings?
Unit 6: A World of Wonder:
  What can we imagine?
Student Handbook

This brief video will provide a high-level overview of the new second edition, including the Davis Digital platform.

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