Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grade 1

Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grade 1, Teacher Edition Zoom
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Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grade 1, Teacher Edition
Marilyn G. Stewart

About Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, Grades 1–6

Explorations in Art, 2nd Edition, is the most comprehensive resource for 1–6 art educators, with learning focused on Big Ideas and Essential Questions; brilliant fine art images from around the globe and across time, including some of the most exciting and innovative 21st century artists; engaging process-based studios; STEAM explorations, and meaningful literacy and STEM connections that complement art instruction. A focus on inquiry, artist as researcher, and choice ensures that students are fully engaged in their learning.

The Teacher Edition includes:
  • Support for engaging students in exploring Big Ideas and Essential Questions
  • Support for teaching through inquiry
  • Differentiated instruction tips for each lesson
  • Literacy, STEAM, and other cross-curricular links
  • Assessment criteria for each studio
  • Rubrics, informal assessment, checklists, and performance tasks
  • Biographies of featured artists
  • Suggestions for Children’s Trade Books to extend each lesson
  • And much more!

The Teacher Edition Handbook includes support for:
  • The Place of Art in STEAM
  • Choice in the Elementary Art Classroom
  • Using a Research Journal in the Art Room
  • Visual Literacy
  • Design Thinking
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Guiding Explorations in Art
  • Introducing Media and Techniques
  • Strategies for Assessment
  • Guiding Response to Art
  • Teaching Art with a Global Perspective
  • Teaching About Styles, Periods, and World Cultures
  • Art in Daily Life
  • Art in the Total Curriculum

This brief video will provide a high-level overview of the new second edition, including the Davis Digital platform.