Explorations in Art: A Community Connection

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A Community Connection, eBook Class Set
Marilyn G. Stewart and Eldon Katter
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What makes Explorations in Art the premiere Middle School/Junior High curriculum resource for Art Educators?

Theme-Based Learning
Unit themes, inspired by Boyer’s Universal Human Commonalities, such as “Belonging” and “Making a Difference” underscore the relevance of art in students’ lives and reveal the important role art plays in cultures around the world. Use these big ideas to create essential questions for your students.

Process-Based Studios
By learning a process that emphasizes the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection in creating superior, original artworks, students go beyond the basics of artmaking.

Solid Foundation in Art Concepts
No other program provides such strong support for teaching art concepts and elements and principles. Includes in-depth lessons, helpful illustrations of skills and techniques, brilliant historical and contemporary fine art examples, exemplary student artwork, and a comprehensive Student Handbook with techniques, art movements, examples of the elements and principles, and much more!

Written with the art educator in mind, the Teacher Edition is packed with resources and suggestions that allow you to adapt Explorations in Art for your school, classroom, and teaching style.

A Community Connection
A Community Connection focuses on how communities use art to communicate. Art History and Traditions lessons focus on U.S. history, making this book a good fit with the study of U.S. history.

Student Book Features
  • 9 theme-based units focusing on a big idea such as Nature or Messages
  • Brilliant images from diverse historical and contemporary artists
  • 54 studios with stellar examples of student artwork
  • Artist biographies
  • Art criticism of fine art and student artwork
  • Step-by-step technique illustrations
  • Illuminating timelines provide visual context
  • Global View lessons focus on cultures around the world

Each Unit is organized around four Student Learning Objectives
  • Learn about artworks
  • Learn how artists communicate
  • Experience the theme as artists
  • Experience the theme as viewers of art

Reinforce concepts and skills through 54 engaging Studio Explorations
  • Skills and techniques lessons support content at point-of-use
  • Studio Explorations in every unit focus on thoughtful, relevant use of art concepts, techniques, and elements and principles
  • Carefully chosen fine art and student artwork support the text
  • Art criticism exercises hone students’ skills in critical and analytical thinking

Student Book Table of Contents:
An Introduction to Art
Unit 1: Art and Messages
Unit 2: Art and Daily Life
Unit 3: Art and Belonging
Unit 4: Art and Place
Unit 5: Art and Nature
Unit 6: Art and Change
Unit 7: Art and Celebration
Unit 8: Art and Making a Difference
Unit 9: Art and New Directions
Student Handbook

Teacher Edition Features
  • Four key sections that organize the instruction of each lesson: Prepare, Teach, Assess, Close
  • Point-of-use support on every page
  • Compare and contrast Venn diagrams
  • Ideas for extending each lesson
  • Vocabulary in English and Spanish
  • Numerous teaching options, including inquiry, differentiated instruction, extensions computer variations, and more
  • Strategies for using text and images effectively
  • Additional background on art and artists

Unit Planning Guide
  • At-a-glance planning
  • Suggested pacing
  • Lesson-by-lesson objectives
  • List of the art forms students will be exploring in each studio experience
  • Supply lists for each lesson
  • A preview of the fine art for the Write About Art and Art Criticism exercises
  • Unit vocabulary list

Teacher Support for Studio Explorations
  • Four key sections that organize the instruction of each lesson: Prepare, Teach, Assess, Close
  • Point-of-use support on every page
  • Suggested pacing
  • Strategies for using text and images effectively
  • Inquiry-based activities to challenge learners
  • Studio evaluation criteria
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Support for differentiated instruction
  • Cross-curricular connections, including English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, and more

Unit Rubrics and Summative Assessment
  • Studio Exploration Rubrics provide a clear evaluation and assessment structure for student work
  • Connections Across the Arts provide expressive opportunities for assessment
  • Unit Performance Tasks offer material, perception, and reflection-based assessments
  • Unit Concepts Rubric allows for clear assessment of specific unit objectives

This video provides an overview of Davis Digital’s features and functionality, as well as methods for integrating digital instruction with your hands-on curriculum.

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter of the grade three Student Book and Teacher Edition, providing a complete overview of the lessons and teacher support provided in Explorations in Art.