Engaging the Adolescent Mind

Engaging the Adolescent Mind through Visual Problem Solving Zoom
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Engaging the Adolescent Mind through Visual Problem Solving
Ken Vieth

Engage students through visual problem solving with thought-provoking studio experiences designed to encourage personal expression. Each studio includes a creative idea, a set of objectives, a technical challenge, and an opportunity to reflect on what was learned. 148 pages, softcover

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Design
Kitchen Utensil Design
Foreign Currency: From Observation to Exploration of Pattern
Letter Design
Letter-Form Design: Three- and Four-Point Perspective
Collaborative Accordion Books
Structural Connections: Architecture and Sculptural Books
Chapter 2: Simple Materials Create Dynamic Results
Asian Painting and Artistic Handmade Drawing Pens
Sculptural Shoes
Texture Collage
Whimsical Witty Wire Drawings: A Calder Inspiration
Calder-Influenced Bird Sculpture
Chapter 3: Encouraging Personal Expression
The Engaging Garden No. 2
Bold Self-Portraits in Oil Pastels
Figurative Clay Sculpture
Personally Symbolic Timeline
Pop Art and the Andy Influence
Personalized Pen Portraits
Chapter 4: Personalized Art History
Symbolic Personal Expression and Kandinsky
Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped and Unwrapped
My House Influenced by Piet Mondrian
Reflection on Richard Diebenkorn
A David Hockney-Inspired Still Life
Revisiting the Famous Rhine