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History Through Art Timeline & Guide
Jeffry Uecker

15 feet of Art History!

Works of art are more than just illustrations; they are historical documents which contain fascinating and important information about the human experience. By analyzing works of art against their historical backdrop, History Through Art Timeline helps students increase their visual literacy as they broaden their historical perspective.

Centered around a series of inquiry-based exercises and 43 works of art, History Through Art Timeline consists of three components:
  • A durable and dramatic classroom timeline visually links historical events with specific works of art. Timeline from 16,000 B.C. through present.
  • A practical Teacher's Guide explores the historical and cultural clues held by each work of art. Keywords, studio activities, and reproducible pages for students are some of the features included.

This dynamic classroom resource will invigorate and extend any history/social studies curriculum.

Teacher’s Guide Table of Contents
  1. Powerful Images on Practical Tools
  2. Mighty Deeds Recounted on an Everyday Object
  3. Prehistoric Builders Measure the Seasons
  4. Law is Strengthened Through Art and Writing
  5. Risk and Skill in Ritual and Sport
  6. Witness to an Ancient Technology and Culture
  7. Animals as Landscape and Symbols
  8. Bold Monuments in Ancient Colonies
  9. Truly Being What One Wears
  10. The Teachings of Immense Building
  11. Victory as Depicted by the Winners
  12. A Woman Helps Lead in a Difficult World
  13. Serving the State and Satisfying the Gods
  14. Honoring the Ships of the Desert
  15. Putting Education First
  16. History Turns on a Single Battle
  17. Writing as Both an Educational and Spiritual Tool
  18. A Time of Change in Feudal Japan
  19. A Disturbing Response to an Epidemic in Europe
  20. A Look at Extremes of Medieval Society
  21. Politics, Power, and the Meaning of Success
  22. Capitalism and a Changing World
  23. Europe Discovers Childhood
  24. Ominous Warnings About Dangerous Habits
  25. Life in an African Royal Court
  26. Changes in Science and Society
  27. Propaganda in Early America
  28. Adjusting to a World of New Technology
  29. One Culture, Two Worlds
  30. Overcoming the Chains of Oppression
  31. Old Traditions Survive in a New Time
  32. Can Technology Answer the World's Problems?
  33. A New View of the Self
  34. An Environmental Catastrophe
  35. Masking the Face of Stalin's Soviet Union
  36. New Opportunities for Women
  37. Aftermath of Disaster
  38. Life in a Consumer Culture
  39. A Sign of the Times
  40. An American Popular Hero
  41. Reexamining Childhood and the Mother Role
  42. Tough Choices in Caring for the Environment
  43. Assessing the Past, Anticipating the Future

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