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Artmaking, Play, and Meaning Making DIGITAL Zoom
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Artmaking, Play, and Meaning Making DIGITAL
Sydney Walker

Explore the use of play as a method for provoking new ways of thinking. In this impactful book author Syndney Walker draws from contemporary artists and classroom artmaking to demonstrate how paradoxical play works to evoke diverse thought and challenges students to move beyond traditional artmaking. Walker provides art educators with the theoretical underpinnings as well as a set of approaches that can be conceptualized as a form of play. In each chapter, she introduces six kinds of play, distinguishes the characteristics involved with each, and shows how they look in the lives of students. 210 pages, PDF

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Naming Play
Chapter 2 – Nonsense Play
Chapter 3 – Physical Play
Chapter 4 – Experimental Play
Chapter 5 – Social Play
Chapter 6 – Participatory Play
Chapter 7 – Chance Play

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