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Experience Painting, Student Book

Experience Painting offers a wide ranging view of painting’s diverse media, tools, and processes, including encaustics, street art, and nontraditional approaches that will inspire teachers and students alike. Dazzling fine art accompanies the clear, practical text; hands-on studio experiences with step-by-step photographs allow students to build skills sequentially and invite experimentation. Teacher material supports inquiry-based practice and connections to other subject areas. Accomplished student artwork, historical background, career guidance, and point-of-use instructional support round out this exciting new addition to the Davis Studio Series.

•  Dazzling contemporary and historical fine art examples, including collage and nontraditional painting
•  Artistic strategies that cover motivation, choosing imagery, improvisation, construction, and composition in every chapter
•  A multitude of opportunities for portfolio development, critical analysis, and reflection
•  Tips for developing good studio habits
•  Writing prompts and captivating career profiles
•  Outstanding student artwork
•  Point-of-use instructional support for teachers, including web links and design extensions
•  How-to technique videos in every chapter of the ebook
•  Student Handbook, including light and color basics, tools and materials, and painting supports and grounds

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Basics of Painting
Chapter 2: Tempera and Gouache
Chapter 3: Dry Media
Chapter 4: Watercolors & Inks
Chapter 5: Acrylics
Chapter 6: Oils
Chapter 7: Encaustics
Chapter 8: Wall Painting
Chapter 9: Other Ways to Paint
Student Handbook

Learn about the lessons and teacher content provided in the Davis Studio Series through this comprehensive walkthrough of chapters in the Experience Painting Student Book and Teacher Edition.

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