Creative Minds—Out of School

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Creative Minds--Out of School, Big Book

What is Reggio Emilia?

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For After-School Educators and Programs

Creative Minds is a K–5 art-based curriculum that introduces young people to the joy and wonder of viewing, wondering about, and creating art. This innovative, classroom-tested program capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and readiness to create.

Creative Minds includes step-by-step support for after-school educators to create an authentic context in which to engage young people in viewing and making art while fostering inquiry, developing problem-solving and communication skills, teamwork, and creativity. This program is uniquely designed to provide many opportunities for sharing and celebrating students’ work with families, the school, and wider community.

Big Book Features
•  Large, brilliant fine art images accessible to all students and teachers
•  Clear, step-by-step process illustrations