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Making Artists Zoom
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Making Artists

A comprehensive look at how and why a student-directed classroom is essential for the development of the student artist in the 21st century. Covering issues and situations choice teachers encounter as they design their program, this text provides tested methods for working through specific situations including room design, material handling, student ideation, production, and assessment. Additionally, you will enjoy unit and lesson plans to implement as you develop student-directed classrooms in grades 9–12.

Table of Contents:
  1. The Framework
  2. Teaching for Independence with ATP
  3. Making Teaching Effective
  4. Scaffolding Student Choice
  5. Grading and Assessment
  6. New Methods for Making Artists
  7. Preparing to Make Artists
  8. Subject-based Teaching
  9. Teaching with Artistic Behavior Units
  10. Modular Teaching
  11. Standards, Grading, and Assessment