Experience Clay

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Experience Clay, Teacher's Edition

Bringing the ancient art of clay to the contemporary classroom.

Experience Clay, a contemporary guide to clay techniques, tools, and traditions, is as inspirational as it is practical. Supported by clear, step-by-step illustrations, this comprehensive resource details a range of handbuilding and wheel-throwing techniques and is a wonderful source for exploring ancient traditions and historic innovations in the world of ceramic art. From the properties of clay to decoration and firing, all information presented is shown against a rich backdrop of dynamic professional and student work.

In addition to providing a full-sized student page, the annotated, spiral-bound Teacher’s Edition is designed to help tailor classroom instruction to the unique classroom needs. A menu of easily identifiable icons and descriptive headings help in selecting the teaching tip, learning strategy, or background note that suits the lesson best. Topics include:

  • Art History background notes help place work of art in its historical and cultural context
  • Vocabulary building strategies
  • Design extension
  • Interdisciplinary connections
  • Tips for using the opening image offer observation oriented activities to introduce the chapter and jumpstart the learning process
  • Internet connections
  • Correlated to the National Visual Arts Standards

Teacher’s Edition: Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Clay
Chapter 2: Working with Clay
Chapter 3: Hand-Built Forms
Chapter 4: Thrown Forms
Chapter 5: Surface Decoration
Chapter 6: The Firing Process
Chapter 7: Mixed Media

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