Explorations in Art, 1st Grade

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Explorations in Art, Grade 1, Student Book
Student Book Features
•  6 theme-based units inspired by Boyer’s Universal Human Commonalities, such as “Identity” and “Traditions”
•  Brilliant fine art images from diverse historical and contemporary artists
•  54 studios with stellar examples of student artwork
•  Art criticism based on fine art and student artwork
•  Technique illustrations
•  Artist biographies
•  Maps connecting artistic practice to regions of the world
•  Handbook with a visual glossary, examples of elements and principles, and art safety suggestions
•  Key vocabulary in Spanish and English

Six Theme-Based Units

Each Student Book includes six units, each organized around a universal theme relevant to students’ lives. These themes foster meaningful connections to artworks across time and place. Elements and principles are embedded throughout each unit to ensure continual application and understanding.

Each unit theme is organized into three teaching and learning strands that explore specific aspects of the unit theme. Each strand includes two concept lessons—each with a studio—and an extended Studio Exploration with hands-on, cumulative reinforcement of the two previous concept lessons.

Table of Contents:
Student Introduction
Unit 1: Looking Around: Seeing Our World
Unit 2: People and Places: Seeing Details and Actions
Unit 3: Colorful Stories: Color and Imagination
Unit 4: Art and Nature: Getting Ideas
Unit 5: Special Times: Art to Remember
Unit 6: Change: New and Different
Student Handbook

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter of the grade three Student Book and Teacher Edition, providing a complete overview of the lessons and teacher support provided in Explorations in Art.