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Gender Matters in Art Education
Martin Rosenberg and Frances Thurber

This book translates the theory of gender equity into real practice in the art classroom. The authors provide a coherent review of the important research on gender equity in schools and demonstrate, through classroom-based examples, the unique opportunities that the art classroom provides for promoting gender equity for both boys and girls. Includes case studies on practicing gender equity in the classroom and strategies on supporting a gender-equitable climate in the artroom. 155 pages, softcover

Table of Contents:
  1. Understanding Gender: In Society, School, and the Artroom
  2. Gender Matters: Views of Gender and How They Affect Art Students
  3. Gender Issues in Art and Visual Culture
  4. How Do Art and Visual Culture Shape Our Views of Gender?
  5. Transforming Curriculum to Foster Gender Equity
  6. Supporting a Gender-Equitable Climate in the Art Classroom
  7. Windows into Practice: Four Case Studies
  8. Gender Equity in the Ideal Art Classroom