Explorations in Art, 3rd Grade

Explorations in Art, Grade 3, eBook Class Set with 30 printed Student Books and Davis Art Images Subscription Zoom
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This eBook Class Set includes a 6-year license and 30 student accounts.

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Explorations in Art, Grade 3, eBook Class Set with 30 printed Student Books and Davis Art Images Subscription
Your eBook Class Set purchase includes:
•  Student eBook
•  Teacher Edition eBook
•  Teacher Resources (digital), including downloadable and customizable assessments
•  ePortfolios for teachers and students
•  The Curriculum Builder
•  6-year license
•  30 student accounts
•  Subscription to Davis Art Images included
•  A one-year print subscription to SchoolArts magazine, plus access to the digital edition of SchoolArts for the length of your Davis Digital license

What makes Explorations in Art the premiere K–6 curriculum resource for Art Educators?

Theme-Based Learning
Unit themes such as “Change” and “Imagination” show students the relevance of art in their own lives and the lives of people across time and place. Use these big ideas to create essential questions for your students.

Process-Based Studios
By learning a process that emphasizes the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection, students go far beyond “make and take.” Studio support includes inspiration from fine art and real-world photos.

Alignment to Language Arts
The Teacher Edition includes point-of-use suggestions for helping students connect art instruction to skills and strategies in reading and writing, in addition to providing evocative questions for small group or whole class discussion.

Written with the art educator in mind, the Teacher Edition is packed with resources and suggestions that allow you to adapt Explorations in Art for your school, classroom, and teaching style.

Student Book Features
•  6 theme-based units inspired by Boyer’s Universal Human Commonalities, such as “Identity” and “Traditions”
•  Brilliant fine art images from diverse historical and contemporary artists
•  54 studios with stellar examples of student artwork
•  Art criticism based on fine art and student artwork
•  Technique illustrations
•  Artist biographies
•  Maps connecting artistic practice to regions of the world
•  Handbook with a visual glossary, examples of elements and principles, and art safety suggestions
•  Key vocabulary in Spanish and English

Student Book Table of Contents:
Student Introduction
Unit 1: Alone and Together: Art Forms and Media
Unit 2: Invented Worlds: Imagination and Wonder
Unit 3: Stories: Symbols and Styles
Unit 4: Places and Spaces: Architecture in Our Lives
Unit 5: Force of Nature: Variety and Contrast
Unit 6: Keeping Traditions: Form, Function, and Materials
Student Handbook

Teacher Edition Features
Each Teacher Edition includes a wealth of teaching support designed to help teachers easily customize and adapt each lesson and Studio Experience.

Point-of-use features include:
•  Prepare, Teach, Assess, and Close for every lesson.
•  numerous cross-curricular connections, including math, science, and history.
•  reading and language arts connections.
•  support for differentiated instruction.
•  children’s trade books correlated to each lesson.
•  portfolio and process tips
•  formative assessment and review materials, including Venn diagrams.
•  artist biographies.
•  evaluation criteria and rubrics for each Studio Exploration.
•  visual culture and literacy tips, aesthetic thinking prompts, Internet resources, and more.
•  display options.

Each Studio Exploration includes:
•  inspiration from fine art and real-world photos to help students choose their studio project.
•  a five-step process that goes far beyond “make and take” and focuses on process and problem solving.
•  a comprehensive studio rubric.
•  clear step-by-step technique illustrations.
•  art criticism based on authentic student artwork.
•  references to digital fine art images that support each Studio Exploration.

This video provides an overview of Davis Digital’s features and functionality, as well as methods for integrating digital instruction with your hands- on curriculum.

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter of the grade three Student Book and Teacher Edition, providing a complete overview of the lessons and teacher support provided in Explorations in Art.