The Visual Experience, 3rd Edition

The Visual Experience, Studio in Action 1 and 2 DVD Zoom
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The Visual Experience, Studio in Action 1 and 2 DVD

Master Teacher in Action

Created by Dan Bush, an award-winning videographer, these videos offer an exciting opportunity for teachers who want to know “how might I teach that studio experience.”

  • Watch Ken Vieth, a master teacher, teach studio experiences included in The Visual Experience.
  • See student artwork, reactions, classroom behavior as they happen.

This set includes 2 DVDs containing studio experiences from Videos 1 and 2:
  • Drawing with Negative Shapes
  • Familiy Structure in Abstract Sculpture
  • Varied Forms of Balance
  • River Stone Sculpture Garden
  • The Soul of Japan: Mixed Media Umbrella Form
  • Painting an Artist’s Chair
  • Structural Connections

The DVDs are also available individually.
  • #696-2 Series 1
  • #701-2 Series 2


This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter in the Student Book and Teacher Edition to give you a complete view of the lessons and teacher content provided in The Visual Experience.