The Visual Experience, 3rd Edition

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The Visual Experience, Teacher's Edition

The Visual Experience is a comprehensive introductory visual art curriculum for grades 9–12 that integrates art criticism, aesthetics, art history, and art production. Authors and expert art educators Jack Hobbs, Richard Salome, and Ken Vieth have created an engaging program that balances in-depth content with meaningful opportunities to create and contemplate art. Each classroom-tested studio experience was created by Ken Vieth, author of the popular books, Engaging the Adolescent Mind and From Ordinary to Extraordinary. Each chapter includes multiple studio experiences that can be easily incorporated or adapted to meet the needs of your students.

Teacher’s Edition Features
  • Teacher and peer assessment opportunities
  • Step-by-step support for thoughtful art criticism
  • Additional teaching content on diverse media such as architecture, enamel, and photomontage
  • Lesson extensions
  • Spanish support for each chapter
  • Point-of-use support for differentiated instruction
  • Cross-curricular connections

Teacher’s Edition Table of Contents:
Part One: Introduction to Art
Chapter 1 & 2 Organizer
Chapter 1: What Is Art?
Chapter 2: How Should We Look at Art?
Part Two: Elements of Art and Principles of Design
Chapter 3: Organizer
Chapter 3: Line
Chapter 4: Organizer
Chapter 4: Shape and Form
Chapter 5: Organizer
Chapter 5: Value and Color
Chapter 6: Organizer
Chapter 6: Space
Chapter 7: Organizer
Chapter 7: Texture
Chapter 8: Organizer
Chapter 8: Principles of Design
Part Three: Art Media and Careers
Chapter 9: Organizer
Chapter 9: 2-D Media
Chapter 10: Organizer
Chapter 10: 3-D Media
Chapter 11: Organizer
Chapter 11: Architecture
Chapter 12: Organizer
Chapter 12: Careers in Art
Part Four: Art History
Chapter 13: Organizer
Chapter 13: Non-Western Art History I
Chapter 14: Organizer
Chapter 14: Non-Western Art History II
Chapter 15: Organizer
Chapter 15: Western Art History I
Chapter 16: Organizer
Chapter 16: Western Art History II
Part Five: Resources
Student Handbook
Glossary and Pronunciation Guide

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter in the Student Book and Teacher’s Edition to give you a complete view of the lessons and teacher content provided in The Visual Experience.