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Creative Coloring: Design Elements Zoom
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ISBN: 978-08719-2584-8
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Creative Coloring: Design Elements
Art Sherwyn

Teach key concepts in art and design through an engaging coloring-book format! Creative Coloring jump-starts the creative process while introducing fundamental art vocabulary and ideas. Open spaces encourage students to explore their own artistic sensibilities. Concepts covered include the elements of design, composition, selected topics in art history (the Fauves, for example!), drawing and coloring techniques. For classroom use, buy a whole set—these are not blackline masters!

Also available at special prices for sets of 5 and 20.

Table of Contents:
Blending Colors
Warm and Cool Colors
Busy Shapes and Quiet Shapes
Complementary Colors and Analogous Colors
Line, Pattern, and Repetition
Organic Shapes
Positive and Negative Space
More Shape Concepts
Create Your Own Designs
About the Author